I have a home network with 2 computers configured with internet connection sharing.
The computers are networked via two Netgear powerline adapters.
Internet access is via dial-up from the gateway computer.

Both computers run Windows XP Home and ZA ISS v.7.
The problem I will describe also occurred with v.6.
I cannot access the internet from the client computer
when the gateway ZA Program Control is set to anything but "OFF".
The client's browser cannot find the site
when the gateway program control is min or more.
The problem exists with either Microsoft IE 7 or Firefox browser.
This problem is peculiar to ZA, as it did not occur with my previous ISS by a different vendor.
Other than this one problem, I have no issues whatsoever within the network or to the internet.

Internet access from the client works fine when the gateway program control is "Off".
I have tried expert rules on the firewall without success, rules that presumably would let anything from the network or the client computer pass through the gateway to the internet.
The user's manual provides no clues, and I have been unable to puzzle out a solution.

Anyone else experiencing this problem or know the solution, if there is one?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0