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Thread: Connection failure (gateway) after upgrading to ZA 7

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    jazzmatazz Guest

    Default Connection failure (gateway) after upgrading to ZA 7

    I am experiencing difficulties with getting an internet connection. It says that the webpage cannot be displayed, Messenger gives an 80027ee7 error
    (gateway is offline)The problem started out of the blue but I have a vague clue that it might be caused by updating ZA from version 6 to 7.
    Problems I am experiencing are "not being able to connect to Internet" due to:- IP address and subnet are being provided by router,- Standard gateway remains empty (No gateway is provided)
    Another computer connected to the same router also upgraded to ZA 7 does not have any issues. Network settings are the same and switching cables doesn't work either.Also tried disabling ZA
    & unload from memory
    disable ZA start-up&rebooting did not solve the issue.Last but not least. With
    ZA off and unloaded from memory, asked XP to refresh my IP settings and resolve network issues but it could not. Still no gateway.
    Looking for support. Has anyone experienced similar issues and any clues how to overcome?
    RunningXP Home (SP2) on AMD 3500 with ASUS A8N-SLi-ProZA 7.0.733.000

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    gilly_mc Guest

    Default Re: Connection failure (gateway) after upgrading to ZA 7

    Hi Jazzmatazz. It sounds to me as though we had the same problem. I was online ok yesterday morning, upgraded ZA from 6.5 to 7, and after reboot I lost my connectivity. I was beforehand connected wirelessly to my router by way of an wireless adapter. I'm also running XP home sp2.
    The wired desktop maintained its connection all day (still on version 6.5 at present), but I messed with my laptop all day and couldnt resolve the issue. I had the same IE error, no page, and the same wlm sign in error message. I had to uninstall ZA and do a clean install of 6.5 again, and then it took me a while to resume my connection, to be honest I'm still not entirely sure which setting change finally got it back. Although I did
    discover that windows firewall had somehow switched itself on. The reason I couldnt connect was that
    my laptop wasnt being assigned an
    ip address.I'd love an answer to this problem too please if anyone can help, as what I did see of the new ZA (free version) looked
    very nice graphically.Thanks in advance

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    jazzmatazz Guest

    Default Re: Connection failure (gateway) after upgrading to ZA 7

    Hi Gilly-Mc!I have been wrestling with this problem all week now. I contacted my ISP Helpdesk hoping to get an answer to my question, although I knew that the problem lay in my pc and not in the internet connection. The guy from the helpdesk suggested that I did a system restore, which I did (taking a system restore point from before the moment I upgraded ZA from 6 to 7). This seemed to do the trick (although I have to be honest and say that I uninstalled ZA), as I was able to get internet access again. An IP-address was assigned to my pc.My joy only lasted for a couple of minutes as suddenly the same problem occurred: no internet connection. Well, almost the same problem, as I was still able to send and receive e-mails and an IP-address was still assigned to my pc. Rebooting the pc solved the problem, but again only for a couple of minutes.I am now thinking of doing a clean install again because I do not trust my pc at this moment (it seems to be a bit instable and in the last three weeks I encountered a stop fault (BSOD)) and it has been 1,5 year ago since I did my last full install (and my pc has become a bit clutted with obsolete programs since then.
    I wish you the best of luck with solving the problem. Although my solution is going to be a rigorous one, I will be happy to learn if you (or anyone else) has a solution.

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    gilly_mc Guest

    Default Re: Connection failure (gateway) after upgrading to ZA 7

    Hi Jazzmatazz, if you havent already wiped your pc, it might be worth your while to read back a few pages or so on this particular forum, as I spent much of yesterday reading any posts that sounded as though they might be to do with similar problems to the one we had. I found some useful info that may work next time I'm brave enough to update my ZA, although at the moment I'm tempted to hang on and see if any bugs get fixed. So far so good on my laptop after removing 7 and going back to 6.5, so I'm sticking with it for now. I hope you find the info you need on here and get yours working properly without have to take drastic steps. Good luck either way and thanks for replying. Mc :8}

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