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Thread: [workaround] Conflict between Synergy and ZoneAlarm (free) --> ZA 9.2

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    kch Guest

    Default [workaround] Conflict between Synergy and ZoneAlarm (free) --> ZA 9.2

    Can anyone advise on how to get Synergy 1.3.1 (network interface allowing use of one keyboard & mouse across multiple computers and monitors) to work when PC's are running ZoneAlarm 7.0.337.000?? Have consulted with several people well versed in installing Synergy, but seems that PC-cillin and Synergy create major problems with ZA. No one can help me solve this as of yet. Have got PC's able to communicate in DOS (ping) and have given Synergy trusted status in ZoneAlarm on all PC's. The client PC's just cannot find the address for the Main PC when trying to connect.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: Conflict between Synergy and ZoneAlarm (free)


    Place the IP of the server PCs into the Zones of the Firewall of the main PC as Trusted and place the main PC's IP in each of the client PC as Trusted. Set the Internet Security Zone slider to Medium instead of High. Reboot and see if this works.

    Best regards.

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    mjkalba Guest

    Default Re: Conflict between Synergy and ZoneAlarm (free)

    I have the same problem. Can anyone confirm whether or not this works. (If not I'll go and try it. Just wanted to avoid some reboots.)

    Seems to me that the suggested approach will have some problems coping with dynamic addresses.

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    vinnienz Guest

    Default Re: Conflict between Synergy and ZoneAlarm (free)


    This is still a problem. Synergy does not work as a server on a PC running ZoneAlarm. I have trusted the entire subnet I am on, as well as the specific IP address of the machine I am trying to connect to (other machine does not run ZoneAlarm). Oh and the 'synergys' server program is allowed to act as both a server and client on the network.

    Quiting ZoneAlarm on the server machine results in the client instantaneously connecting, so its definitely a ZoneAlarm problem.

    Fixes please?

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    davemidgley Guest

    Default Re: Conflict between Synergy and ZoneAlarm (free)

    I realise this is a very old thread, but this may be useful. I have just upgraded from ZA8.0 to ZA 9.2. Synergy worked fine on 8.0 but had a problem with 9.2. I eventually solved it as follows: Synergy seems to have three executables, synergy.exe, synergyc.exe (the client) and synergys.exe (the server). I removed all entries for these programs in ZA's program list and then started Synergy as a server. For some reason ZA9.2 autonomously blocks Synergys without asking. I then had to go into ZA's program list and manually enable all four access levels for Synergys.exe. Then it works.
    I don't know why ZA9.2 does this - maybe the guys at Zonelabs know something we don't!

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