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Thread: Wifi Internet shuts down

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    dwterry Guest

    Default Wifi Internet shuts down

    I have a wifi connection to the internet on my Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit desktop. I have operated Wifi on this computer for probably two years or more. I have use Windows Vista HP on this computer since January. I leave my computer on all the time, and it always has access to the internet. When I walk away from the computer I "lock" the desktop (WindowsKey-L). When I come back, I unlock and everything is fine.

    However, with the introduction of ZoneAlarm for Windows Vista, I now have a problem I have never had before. Sometimes (not all the time), upon returning to my machine, I find that my Wifi connection is in "Local Access Only" mode. It has lost connection to the internet. And no amount of attempting to correct it has been successful.

    I have tried: ipconfig /reset. I have tried letting Windows "diagnose and repair". I have tried disconnecting from my router (it still says connected to the router, it just can't get through the router to the internet) and reconnecting (this always fails). I've tried locking and unlocking internet from ZoneAlarm. I've tried Stop All Internet Activity from ZoneAlarm and then turning it back on. I've tried shutting down ZA. Nothing helps. EXCEPT rebooting. Rebooting always succeeds. And meanwhile, the rest of the machines in the house have continued access to the internet without interruption.

    The curious thing to me is that the Wifi icon in the task bar says "local access only". So the silly thing KNOWS there's a problem. But it doesn't know how to fix it.

    To me ... it seems as if the "Stop all internet activity" from ZA has been engaged. But right clicking on the ZA icon does not show a checkmark next to that option. Nor does checking and unchecking it solve the problem.

    It seems like it has to be a ZA issue. The problem never occurred, not even once, in the 6 months prior to ZA's installation. And now it happens all the time.

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Wifi Internet shuts down

    Hi! No it's not a "ZA issue". It's a settings issue. Here's one of many threads that'll solve your problem of dropping connection and getting it working on reboot, when computer simply gets the new IP address and all that communication can start anew

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    dwterry Guest

    Default Re: Wifi Internet shuts down

    Interesting. I'll try the solution given.

    I wouldn't, however, claim it to "not be a ZA issue" just because there are settings in ZA that can be used to work around the problem. Without ever using ZA, there simply is no issue. So it's definitely a ZA issue, but one which, apparently, can be solved with settings. Anyway, I'll give it a shot.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Wifi Internet shuts down

    I suppose it depends on the definition of "issue".
    I look at it this way. ZA is here to protect me. So it's tight. The settings are provided to permit things to happen that I want to happen. I don't see settings as a workaround but as an integral part to answer the standard behabiour of Windows, internet and the firewall.

    Perhaps this analogy is relevant. If I called someone on the phone and walked away from it to take a nap, would I expect the connection to be maintained? Me thinks not. Perhaps putting the call on hold might work but I wouldn't hold my breath on this one either.

    If interested, this link takes you to an interesting explanation

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    dwterry Guest

    Default Re: Wifi Internet shuts down

    Going along with your analogy...

    I might not want my connection to stay alive while I took a nap. But I would not want my phone to "go dead" so that I couldn't use it until I rebooted the house either. :-) Nor would I want to have to "teach" the system how to not allow this to happen.

    I just think this should be taken care of under the covers. Either that, or ... this issue should be announced broadly to all users of ZA so that they don't have to discover the "issue and solution" on their own.

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    dwterry Guest

    Default Re: Wifi Internet shuts down

    Bad news....

    It still happened. I had taken all of the steps outlined in the message you referred me to (putting DNS and DHCP into the trusted zone).

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