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    failedtechie Guest

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    Using my home computer, I have no problem accessing pages in most websites. However, I get a 403 error when trying to download forms or access pages from some websites.
    Some examples:I can access
    and navigate to
    by clicking on the item about reversing cameras, but get a 403 error when I attempt to navigate to the Eclipse page. I get a 403 error as soon as I attempt to access the page ( am able to access these pages from computers in the work environment, so I conclude that it is a home computer issue. I have tried accessing the pages with ZoneAlarm turned off (and then spent an anxious hour or so scanning the computer for nasties), and can do so. Therefore, it appears to be a ZoneAlarm issue.I am using ZoneAlarm Security Suite Version 7 with the latest updates applied. My operating system is Windows XP Media Center Edition 5.1 with Service Pack 2 and all the latest updates. I am connected to the Internet via optical fibre through a proxy server. The server dynamically allocates an IP address to my computer each time that I log on (the system is called TransAct, and is local to Canberra in Australia).I used to have McAfee, but have uninstalled it using Add/Remove Programs in Windows and then the McAfee clean up tool.I've now run out of ideas, and am seeking assistance from somebody who has some.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    bbdoll Guest

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    Hi, I actually have been working on a problem all day today and happened to run across the same problem.
    I solved it by going into ZoneAlarm Privacy tab.
    Then select Site List Tab and click "Allow" under the Mobile Code for the
    website you're trying to use.
    Sometimes you have to had the website.
    This seemed to work pretty well for me.
    Oh, you also have to go to the next tab - Cache and clean the cache then open a new browser and start again.
    Hope this helps for you.

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    failedtechie Guest

    Default Re: HTTP 403 Message

    Thanks, bbdol. Worked for me too!

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    spikeza Guest

    Default Re: HTTP 403 Message

    This led me to the solution of my problem.
    In the Privacy section, I first went through the Site List and checked
    'allow' for all
    'x'ed mobile code as suggested.
    That included several Zone Alarm sites!
    In exiting, I noticed the Mobile Code Control section, which had a check in the 'ON' box.
    I switched that to "off'.
    I then tried a site that had been giving me trouble with the HTTP 403 error.
    It worked!
    I have no idea how the Mobile Code Control got on, but now know wha to look for.

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