I recently bought and installed Zone Alarm Securtiy Suite 2007 on a computer I've just put together
in my home network only to find some combination of the zone alarm program and the D-Link DI-604, rev E1, fw 3.53
causes the router to lock up, unable to even access the router menu settings on from any computer.
Everytime the computer with
ZA software boots it happens.
I can disable zone alarm software and then reset the router to
get the network working again, but as soon as I turn the software back on, router locked again.
I've tried turning off ZA firewall and program control, with no luck and don't see anything else to try.
searched the forum and found references to an old problem with Zone Alarm logic included with the D-Link router, but that was from years ago.
Was this issue never fixed?
Why would it still happen with a new (newest?) version of ZA anyway???I tried messing with router settings to make sure Zone Alarm Pro option was disabled and tried adding LAN clients exemption for certain IP range, but neither option made a difference.
One of the old posts from years ago mentioned loading an older firmware version to the router to avoid the included ZA firmware, but that seems ridiculous.
If this problem really has been around for years why has neither D-Link or Checkpoint fixed it, let alone it being included in the recent (2007) software version.
I'm very annoyed that my 'new' security software has an issue with my 'old' router.
If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.
Note: below it requests "Software Version", but doesn't say what software.
Assume it means zone alarms version, but I'm not sure as I can't start ZA without loosing internet and box/CD only says 2007, no version
6.0, 7.0, 7.1, etc.
So I just guessed version 7.0.
Here's the older thread that seems like the same problem I'm having, even though it's ZA P 6, not ZA ISS 2007:http://forums.zonealarm.org/zonelabs...ssage.id=21819

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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