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Thread: Streamingtheworld access refused

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    danico Guest

    Default Streamingtheworld access refused

    I have ZASS 7.0.337.000 and I have 2 Corus radio stations using StreamingtheWorld that Zone Alarm wont let tru. To connect to them, I have to close Zone Alarm and once connected, restart Zone Alarm. In the IE windows, that would be the 2 url's they try to connect to :
    .I have tried everything listed in this forum regarding access issue, Privacy tab, Firewall, Program Control, you named it.
    But does anyone have any idea on how to solve the access issue on that specific streaming audio?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Streamingtheworld access refused

    Some ideas:
    1- have you
    enabled popups?
    2 - have you added both stations to the trusted zone?

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    danico Guest

    Default Re: Streamingtheworld access refused

    Yes I have enabled pop-ups in Internet Explorer as pop-up blocker is off and ad blocking, mobile control and cookie control are off in ZA. Both sites are in Trusted Zone in Firewall/Zones and in Privacy/Sie List. Generic Host has Green under Trusted / Internet Access and Trusted Server access. Internet Explorer under Programs has Super Trust Lever and Green under Trusted and Internet access. I have tried about everything I could find in the forums regarding Access Issues. There must be one little thing somewhere that I miss but I cant find it for Xst's sake

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    danico Guest

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    Well I guess I wont find here the answer to my problem. To stream my favorite radio, I wont have any choice but to close ZA, log in my stream and reopen ZA. A real pain.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Streamingtheworld access refused

    1 - Have you tried having the two radio programs with "Server Access" = two green checks? Plus check 'components section - for allowances? And the specific media player you do use - Super trust, Access
    Server -
    two green checks- each ?2 - Sometimes, temporarily,
    putting your ZA's Firewall &gt; Main &gt; Internet Zone Security - change from High to Medium does the trick.3 - Sometimes it's temporarily shutting off the anti-virus portion(only)<hr>See -<hr>Read thru all posts -
    - pay attention to last post.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 10-17-07 - Fergalicious - Fergie

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    danico Guest

    Default Re: Streamingtheworld access refused

    Ok, I have tried all the solutions that have been proposed and the only thing that seems to be working is to reset the database of Zone Alarm in C:\Windows\Internet Logs. Just one hick, that solution doesnt last very long. After a couple of connections tru, Zone Alarm revert to blocking Streamingtheworld and its Corus stations, Q107 and CHLN550. I am desesperate. Maybe it is time to look for another Security Suite.

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