I have a 7 month old Toshiba satellite notebook
with an internal wireless card. When it was new came with McAfee Antivirus.I turned the notebook on - it found my wireless network no issue.I then changed to ZoneAlarm. At home works fine.When I go to Panera and attempt to use their free wireless... My wireless network connection icon says - 2 networks available click here to choose one.When I click - It says NO networks available.
I found out my notebook has configfree software to find the wireless access points.I attempted to use that software
That software showed the access points but when ITried to connect it said error connecting.I then changed my TCPIP setting took the checkmark out of allow Windows to manage my connection andstill got the error - can not connect.
I change all of my settings back - And when I went home - I had the same issues as at the Panera.I finally had to do a windows restore to connect at home.
HELP - does anybody have clue what I need to change
I would like to use my notebook wireless on other networks.
I am pretty lame.
My network is open at home.
HELP - - .

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite