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Thread: msn messenger

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    tattoo Guest

    Default msn messenger

    can any 1 help me, my zone alarm security suite has started blocking me from signing into msn messenger, the only way i can signe in is if i shut down zone alarm, wich then means it is pointless having it on my pc, at first it was just blocking the display pics now it wont let me signe in at all..... can any 1 help plzz

    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    mongrel1999 Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger

    I'm surprised that nobody has given an answer to this problem yet as I have been suffering from the same irritating situation myself. I started having this problem some
    weeks ago on my old computer. I have just built a new one and the problem persists. I don't know if it is limited to the security suite.Perhaps one of Zonelabs boffins will read this and come to our rescue.There must be a lot of other users getting fed up with this problem as well.

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    tattoo Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger

    mine started bout 3 maybe 4 weeks ago, it used to work fine, then it started blocking display pics now wont let me sign in at all

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    terry_quinn Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger

    this problem has been known for a couple of weeks.

    At present the only "official" solution is to do a clean uninstall of version 6.5whatever
    and install version 6.1.

    You can find it available for download here:
    It is rumored that it will be fixed in the next upgrade but who knows when that will be.

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    peytonm Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger

    Just as a follow up, I have found that if you shutdown Zone Alarm and then sign into messenger you can restart Zone Alarm without any interference. It just seems to be related to the login procedure of messenger.

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    samborskij Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger

    It' 14 Oct 2006 and I just discovered that I have the same problem trying to load Windows Live Messenger Version 8.0 while my ZoneAlarm Security Suite Version 6.5.737 is running.And like others, if I temporarily shut down ZA, I am able to access Win. Messenger.
    My son just went to Korea and would love to stay in touch with him in anyway possible.
    Anything being done about this issue ?
    Anyone have any ideas who's cage to rattle ?

    Tnx, Sam

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    dougw25 Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger

    I got this message from a blog at Inside Windows Live Messenger. The actual site is:
    This is what a programmer of messenger has to say about the problem with ZA and messenger.


    Hi there! Since this is my first post, let me start with some introductions. I m Anand and I work on Windows Live Messenger as a Program Manager.

    We ve recently received reports that some of our favorite people using Windows Live Messenger have been unable to sign in! We hate hearing news like that, and of course we ve been investigating the issue ever since this popped on the radar.

    For the people who are having trouble signing in, you might be saying to yourself hey - everything was working just fine till a couple of days back and then all of a sudden Windows Live Messenger stopped signing me in! Ack! Now I m getting this error all I wanted to do was send a quick Instant Message, darn it!

    If this is happening, we expect you are using ZoneAlarm
    from Zone Labs
    . We are aware of the issue and are actively working with Zone Labs
    to fix it!

    Till then, MSN Web Messenger is an option that will allow you to send Instant Messages. No download required, just ensure you allow pop-ups when you navigate to the MSN Web Messenger site.

    I will give you more update early next week. Have a nice weekend

    [Update October 11th] I wanted to give you a quick update on this issue. We have been working with ZoneLabs
    to get to the bottom of this issue. The problem has been identified and a fix is in the works. I will post another update later in the week.


    If you have a comment/question/concern/discussion topic/rant/rave/other - please head over to the Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.

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    klingsmithj Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger..latest from Microsoft..! Msn messenger.. NOT A FIX A WORK AROUND

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    <div class="bvEntry">Error: 80072745
    <div class="bvMsg">
    If you are encountering the error code 80072745 when you sign into Messenger try the following:

    1. If you are connected to the Internet through a router, remove the connection to the router. Then, directly attach the network or modem cable to the computer. This will help determine whether the issue is related to a firewall setting on the router. Try to sign in to Messenger after you connect to the Internet. If you can connect to Messenger after bypassing your router, the issue may be related to router settings. Try resetting your router (Note: This may revert your settings back to factory default settings and may delete all your custom settings.). Please
    contact your router manufacturer's Help documentation or customer support channels to determine how to reset your router or enable port 1863 through the router firewall.

    If you are signing in from a corporate environment, contact the network administrator to determine whether port 1863 is being blocked inside the network.

    If you have Zone Alarm with IM Security installed on the computer, turn off IM Security for Messenger:
    Right-click the Zone Alarm icon in the notification area, and then open the Control Center.

    Click IM Security or click Security to open the IM Security settings window.

    Click the Main tab or the Status tab.

    Slide the Protection Level slider to Off to turn off IM Security.
    Note: This procedure will change the IM Security settings for any instant messaging programs that are installed on the computer.

    Sign in to Messenger again to determine whether the issue is resolved.

    If you are connecting to the Internet using a Wireless Data card through a mobile phone network, please contact your mobile internet provider to verify if you need to additional data plans that enable you to connect to the Messenger service.

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    klingsmithj Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger..latest from Microsoft..! Msn messenger.. NOT A FIX A WORK AROUND

    we tried it on our messenger... did not work..
    also deleted temp files and so on.....
    situation...I logs onto msn messenger then a eroor messager and it lock up.

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    klingsmithj Guest

    Default Re: msn messenger..A FIX..NOT FROM MICROSOFT OR ZONE ALARMS... FIGURES!!!

    Here is a small tutorial and links.. it seems to work...but not easy... uninstall the im service from zone alarm..!;Itemid=2

    So many many people have had trouble with Windows Live Messenger and Zone Alarm 6.5.x.x.x.x what ever!

    Tito67, and many others were having a rant and a rave on the forums. I thought I'd look into it too, since I have the same problem. I tried all sorts:

    Adding the Messenger Server IP's to the Trusted Zone.
    Allowing all Components to access the Internet
    DISABLING IMsecure.

    Now the Culprit still lies with IMSecure. You disable it, and it still works along side (A Packet Sniffer proved this to me).

    Since I hate computers doing things I haven't told them to do, I thought i'd kill IMsecure COMPLETELY!

    Here is a Tutorial

    PS. Please Vote on the Poll at the end of following this tutorial!

    Proceeding with this Tutorial is something YOU CHOOSE to do! I am not held responsible for what ever goes wrong. Only for the things that go Good and Right! It probably also infringes Zone Alarms T&amp;C's for editing a part of their software, so use this tutorial at your own will!

    EDIT: Disable IMSecure before proceeding with this tutorial. Go to Zone Alarm Security Suite, Press IM Security (Left Hand Side), and drag the Protection Level down to 'Off'.

    Also, ensure that you DO NOT UPGRADE Zone Alarm unless you really have to (I don't mean the Virus and Spyware Updates!!). It will set those files back to what they were again before. Infact, some upgrades will be neccessary, so I suggest that you Bookmark this page for future reference!

    Okay All this has to be done in Safe Mode so you may want to print it out or save it!


    Boot into SAFE MODE. It's usually Holding F8 During Startup!

    Navigate to the Folder &quot;C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs&quot; (Or where ever your system directory is!) CREATE A FOLDER CALLED BACKUPS!


    Okay; You will be Moving some Files and Folders away (In Case you need to restore a Backup), and Editing some XML Files (In Notepad). Keep Backups of all of these in the folder created in Step 2 !

    Files for Editing = 'Streamapi.config.xml', 'ZLCommDB.xml', and 'osfwrules.xml'

    Files &amp; Folders for Moving = 'imSecure.dll' and 'streamapi\imslsp'

    4) Okay Lets start with Streamapi.config.xml. This, and all of the Files can be found from &quot;C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs&quot;

    Open this File in Notepad (Please don't ask me HOW!). You will see a Line like this:

    &lt;plugin path=&quot;C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs\streamapi\ imslsp\imslsp.dll&quot;/&gt;

    Delete that Line, and save the File (Use CTRL + S)

    5) ZLCommDB.xml -- You will see something very similar to this:<p align="left">

    &lt;pl_313BF13F-F645-4CF9-B9B8-A9877B0B69D2 PATH=&quot;C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs\imsecure.d ll&quot;&gt;


    &lt;class0 name=&quot;{5C639E23-A17D-464C-BC7C-DB5A7E38DCE4}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class1 name=&quot;{2F009F88-E8B3-4B16-A167-AA51AF585914}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class10 name=&quot;{E128D3D5-EA7E-41B3-9D05-249C92FBFC48}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class11 name=&quot;imsecure_rules&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class12 name=&quot;imsecure_rules&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class13 name=&quot;imsecure_status&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class14 name=&quot;imsecure_status&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class15 name=&quot;imsecure_key&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class16 name=&quot;imsecure_key&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class17 name=&quot;imsecure&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class18 name=&quot;imsecure&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class2 name=&quot;{58F4C761-322D-48F4-8010-72C0122A58F7}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class3 name=&quot;{E373D6D0-C607-4598-ADE1-7D56EB3CC04A}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class4 name=&quot;{8D9777B0-3A77-41B3-8CB5-393AFE89C40B}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class5 name=&quot;{9663000E-6479-441A-99C8-EF58B295E9AA}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class6 name=&quot;{7A81BD1C-FFAD-41E8-B42C-5BC6C84B4907}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class7 name=&quot;{CB678D09-F9BF-4B49-9B93-C86EEB6B7278}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class8 name=&quot;{56B45F83-3D64-4C07-B63E-59396E839700}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;

    &lt;class9 name=&quot;{DE5CD778-DEDC-4785-BC01-F2AAA7837BAC}&quot; type=&quot;;/&gt;


    <p align="left">That all needs to come out. Ensure that you remove the enitre block &lt;pl_***************&gt; all the way to the bottom &lt;pl_**********************&gt;. The *************** Will be identical number/letter sequences, so it'll be easy to work out what do delete!!<p align="left">6) Nest File, osfwrules.xml<p align="left">

    Okay there are 4 Lines of code to remove from this file. Again, opened in Notepad, find these:<p align="left">

    &lt;itementry param=&quot;filename&quot; operator=&quot;equalnocase&quot; type=&quot;ansi&quot; value=&quot;WINSYSDIR\Zonelabs\imsecure.dll&quot; /&gt;
    <p align="left">

    &lt;itementry param=&quot;filename&quot; operator=&quot;equalnocase&quot; type=&quot;ansi&quot; value=&quot;WINSYSDIR\Zonelabs\streamapi\imslsp\im slsp.dll&quot; /&gt;
    <p align="left">

    &lt;itementry param=&quot;filename&quot; operator=&quot;equalnocase&quot; type=&quot;ansi&quot; value=&quot;WINSYSDIR\Zonelabs\streamapi\imslsp\ma nifest.xml&quot; /&gt;

    <p align="left">

    &lt;itementry param=&quot;filename&quot; operator=&quot;equalnocase&quot; type=&quot;ansi&quot; value=&quot;ZLDIR\imsecure.zap&quot; /&gt;
    <p align="left">
    Delete them all, then Save!<p align="left">REMEMBER THIS MUST ALL BE DONE IN SAFE MODE - THE FILES ARE LOCKED BY THE SYSTEM!<p align="left">7) Moving Files:<p align="left">

    Okay, in C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs, there is a file named imsecure.dll! Move that to the Folder we created called BACKUPS (Step 2!) in case you need to restore it should there be a problem.<p align="left">Again, back in C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs, there is a folder called 'streamapi' with a subfolder called 'imslsp'. You want to move 'imslsp' and all its contents to the 'BACKUPS' Folder. BUT LEAVE 'streamapi' there, otherwise you'll screw your Firewall!<p align="left">Okay. All Done!<p align="left">Restart the PC, no need to put it in Safe Mode again (Duh!) and it should all be Fixed!<p align="left">If only Programs did what we set them to do (In this Case; DISABLE IMsecure)
    <p align="left">Have Fun all. I hoped it helped you!
    <p align="left">Conclusion:<p align="left">*Display Pictures get sent to and fro properly
    *Custom Emoticons can be sent and seen
    *IMSecure Summary Tab, in Zone Alarm Security Suite shows no IM Programs (On the Main Tab!) (Because it's DLL is now not loaded at Startup!)
    *Personal Messages can be set, and also seen . On my computer they are still lost and signout (But that has always been the case for me, so I know no difference). Maybe it's different for you!
    *Probably some more i've missed. File Transfers do not seem to be a problem any more infact!<p align="left">
    Thanks to:<p align="left">Tito67 for a little inspiration, and communicating with me
    Darren Straight for Testing with me
    Dreamhost , for the Wonderful Hosting!<p align="left">
    <p align="left">Italian (Thanks to Mateo!)
    Anyone else want to translate? PM ME..
    <p align="left">

    Comments <a target="_blank"></a>Comment System
    Written by Matt on 2006-08-30 15:45:07<hr>New Comment System Installed. Relative to this article only, no spam! <a target="_blank"></a>THANKS!!
    Written by ErMeglio on 2006-08-31 01:02:46<hr>This is really a wonderful tutorial, messenger is another world now

    Many many many many thanks!!!!

    Oh, and a question, I'm traslating this tutorial for italian friends, can I put it on my website and link this page?Make me know, I left my mail.Thanks, ErMeglio. <a target="_blank"></a>Written by some1 on 2006-09-01 01:10:26<hr>Is there a easyer way of doing this eg.


    -selfinstaler <a target="_blank"></a>Written by gr00ved on 2006-09-01 05:26:37<hr>Great tutorial - can't thank you enough! Just one point - this issue does not just affect WL Messenger - MSN 7.5 was also affected on my system and a couple of others which I look after. <a target="_blank"></a>THANK YOU
    Written by Fran on 2006-09-05 13:49:35<hr>Man I love you LOL thank you so very much!!!!! <a target="_blank"></a>Written by &lt;SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript&gt; \n &lt;/SCRIPT&gt; xblack_knightx &lt;SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript&gt; &lt;/SCRIPT&gt; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it &lt;SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/javascript&gt; &lt;/SCRIPT&gt; on 2006-09-06 06:30:54<hr>I'd just like to say a big thankyou for this guide, as the whole situation had been really bugging me, and now the problem is sorted <a target="_blank"></a>thank you
    Written by monica on 2006-09-06 09:07:52<hr>OMGGGGGGGGGGG this tut is fab thank you so much ive been waiting for months for somthing like this to help me view display pics and view webcam again , and now i can :d <a target="_blank"></a>Written by Jens on 2006-09-08 09:12:44<hr>Thank you so much for this toturial, and idea.. Now I can use WLM again.. One happy guy from Denmark thank you <a target="_blank"></a>Written by tc on 2006-09-09 02:22:38<hr>Hey Matt, big thx!!! Yesterday came the new update of ZA,but nothing keep &quot;selfpatching&quot;... tc <a target="_blank"></a>Written by Matt Chan on 2006-09-09 19:26:40<hr>Glad it's helped you guys! You're all welcome! <a target="_blank"></a>Written by Crissy on 2006-09-10 10:49:41<hr>Yeah I've tried this and it was cool for a while but now it's started doing it again! Please help because I don't know what to do.

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