After hours of troubleshooting, I have narrowed this issue to Zone Alarm Internet Security.
After a few network scan batches, I cannot communicate with my HP 7610 All-In-One scanner.
Sometimes, it will not print either. Router changed, cables replaced and even reverted back to Norton Internet Security which poses no threat.
Even though ZA "learns" this activity, it soon blocks it all together.
I have 3 other PC's in the house on which I have tested this out, two of which run XP and my main unit which runs Vista.
I've come up with the same results on each.
I'm using the latest drivers and Solution Center and scanning to
Adobe 8.
Part of my business depends upon my ability to scan and print and I cannot have this happening.
Currently have ZA uninstalled and using Norton for a 60-day trial but have paid for my ZA license.
All appropriate ports are open.
Error messages reported by OCR software range from "No device found" to "No scan options available" and when scanning directly at the unit, my PC is not listed, or there is a communications error.

Operating System:
Windows Vista Business
Software Version:
7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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