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Thread: New VPN Connection Problem

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    philonator Guest

    Default New VPN Connection Problem

    Recently, within the last 20 days I have had 3 out of 20 users report that they could not connect to our VPN connection.
    They all were at different locations and have connected at these locations without any trouble in the past.

    The problem is intermitant.
    We think that it is a Zone alarm update that is causing this problem but, we can't prove/disprove the theory.
    Here is what I know:
    When it won't connect-If you disable zone alarm they can connect no problem-toggled "allow uncommon protocols at high security" in zone alarm, seemed to have no effect.
    -opened up in zone alarm ports 1723, 1701, 1426 and added cvpnd.exe to allowed programs.
    Nothing would let me in.-On the ISA VPN server, in query mode, you could see nothing trying to access it.
    The "data" was never leaving the laptop.
    -entire time I was able to connect and disconnect with another laptop no problem.-Both laptops set to use L2TP
    -rebooted for good measure and was able to connect on the first try.
    -changed all setting back, still was able to connect-Have both Cisco and an ISA server VPN in place.
    I know about the install order for Cisco and Zone Alarm, it is being phased out anyway.-The only thing I can conclude is that when Zone Alarm doesn't want you to connect, it won't let you connect no matter what-The same laptops will connect or not connect
    to the same networks (this is why the problem is intermitant).
    No ryhme or reason that I see yet.

    Anyone have any suggestions on things to try?
    Oldsod I am going to call you out on this because I read some of your other posts and think you may have a good idea as to what is going on.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    philonator Guest

    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    I just had a 4th user call me and say that he has the problem as well.
    He provided some useful information:
    -if he disables ZA then connects, then re-enables ZA it works-if in any of that process he reboots, he needs to re-do the same process
    He provided this log, I think the port 500 block may be part of the problem (I changed my IP to 123.456.789.123):ZoneAlarm Logging Client v7.0.462.000
    Windows XP-5.1.2600-Service Pack 2-SMP
    type,date,time,source,destination,transport (Security)
    type,date,time,virus name,file name,mode,e-mail id (Anti-Virus)
    type,date,time,source,destination,action,service (IM Security)
    type,date,time,source,destination,program,action (Malicious Code Protection)
    type,date,time,action,product,file,event,subevent, class,data,data,... (OSFirewall)
    type,date,time,name,type,mode (Anti-Spyware)
    AV/update,2008/01/24,13:53:52 -5:00 GMT,,Update Install Completed,Auto
    AV/treatment,2008/01/24,15:59:08 -5:00 GMT,,,,Auto
    AV/treatment,2008/01/24,16:09:46 -5:00 GMT,,,,Auto
    AV/treatment,2008/01/24,16:19:48 -5:00 GMT,,,,Auto
    ACCESS,2008/01/24,16:22:10 -5:00 GMT,LSA Shell (Export Version) was blocked from accepting a connection from the local zone (123.456.789.123:Port 500).,N/A,N/A
    ZLUpdate,2008/01/24,16:38:12 -5:00 GMT,,,Auto
    ZLUpdate,2008/01/24,16:38:16 -5:00 GMT,,,Auto
    AV/treatment,2008/01/24,16:47:32 -5:00 GMT,,,,Auto
    AV/update,2008/01/24,16:59:00 -5:00 GMT,,Update Install Completed,Auto
    ZLUpdate,2008/01/24,17:03:44 -5:00 GMT,,,Auto
    ZLUpdate,2008/01/24,17:03:48 -5:00 GMT,,,Auto

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    rcrd Guest

    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    I am having the exact same issue as Philonator described.

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    philonator Guest

    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    I just found out I have 2 more users that have the problem.

    One of them discovered that if you disable Zone Alarm completely then connect with the vpn, then reopen zone alarm it will work.
    On the three computers I have tested this statement is true.

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    philonator Guest

    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    I guess I will just keep replying to myself-
    -tried unblocking port 500, still doesn t connect.
    -set back
    -allow uncommon protocols is checked
    -disabled firewall, trusted zone security, and program control still doesn t allow connection everything else is off
    -tried adding internal ip range 1-255 to trusted zone-fail
    -tried opening ports both udp and tcp 139, 1077, 4500, and 500- fail

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    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    please note that this board is not monitored by ZA staff.
    If you need support please contact ZA technical support directly at:

    Probably you have got no feedback because users don't know how to help you.

    I am not an expert on VPN at all. So can't contribute much.
    My only advise would be to double check that VPN software has not been updated or re-installed with ZA in the system. CISCO VPN contains ZA firewall code, to work with ZA it needs to be installed/update/etc.. before ZA and not after.

    See here for instructions:


    Message Edited by fax on 01-31-2008 04:44 PM

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    philonator Guest

    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    Fax, I put that in my original post that we weren't using the cisco vpn and that I did know about the install order trick.
    It is there just in case we want to test it with zone alarm if we think there is a problem with the ISA VPN.
    Thank you for the response though!

    Update to case, it has grown to
    7 users cannot connect now.

    The powers that be are talking about dumping all
    25 copies of zone and moving to something else.
    will pitch to them the tech support call and see
    what they want to do.

    RCRD had any luck troubleshooting?
    I am out of ideas.

    Message Edited by Philonator on 02-07-2008 02:04 PM

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    zadan Guest

    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    Hi Philonator

    I have exactly the same issue as you; VPN clients not connecting whilst ZAPro is enabled, but can once you have disabled and re-enabled ZA.

    Did you get any further with your enquiries?



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    philonator Guest

    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    No, the only solution we have arrived at is shutdown or uninstall zone alarm (which really isn't a solution).

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    Default Re: New VPN Connection Problem

    Best regards.

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