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Thread: Problems with some web sites

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    Default Problems with some web sites

    I have the latest Zone Alarm, which allows me to access most web sites without problems.
    But one of them doesn't display photos, just text.
    The photos have a red x box.
    Another site won't let me access it at all, saying that I have disabled cookies.
    But I haven't, and this is a site I told Zone Alarm to put in the trusted list, checking all the green arrow.
    Can anyone help, and to you need more information?

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    Default Re: Problems with some web sites

    Right click the Site in the ZA Privacy list and open the Options. Uncheck everything in the Ads, Mobile Code, and in the Cookies. Do check the Privacy Advisor and set the Alert Events slider to High; this will show a popup in the lower right of the desktop declaring what was blocked of the site seen in the browser. Make sure the Parental Control is turned off - this sometimes blocks images and wanted content. Clean the browser cache and see if it works now.
    Cheers, Oldsod
    Best regards.

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