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Thread: ZA Security Suite not allowing access to Z100G router - intermittent.

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    marctony Guest

    Default ZA Security Suite not allowing access to Z100G router - intermittent.

    Hi folks,
    We're running ZAISS and also using a ZoneAlarm Z100G wireless
    router/firewall appliance. Here's the problem in a large nutshell:
    When a PC on the network is freshly booted and the non-admin user logs in to the OS, if that PC user logs in to the Z100G to obtain logs, etcetera, there's no problem, everythings fine and dandy. However, if that user logs out of the router but
    stays logged in on the PC going about their everyday stuff, then at some point later (so far, this has been as little as
    45 minutes), when the user attempts to log back into the Z100G, the web browser simply redisplays the login screen.
    If the user logs off then back on to the PC, the problem is still there. If, however, the user does a PC shutdown/restart/login...voila! to log in to the Z100G again. To make this more strange, after the PC reboot/login and the login to the Z100G, the Z100G log shows the previous login attempts (the ones that
    only redisplayed the login page) as being successful. So, the router thinks that the user has successfully logged in when in actuality, it was only
    redisplaying the login page. Note here that the redisplayed page does not state "username or p/w
    incorrect" which it does if they are
    , it simply asks you to log in (again). This happens with IE7 and Firefox.
    Now, if ZAISS is disabled, the Z100G login will work fine all the time, even after unsuccessful attempts while
    ZAISS was enabled.
    It appears ZAISS is the cause, but why intermittent and what is it doing!? Are we missing something in the ZAISS config?
    If so, one would think the problem would be constant.
    There are three PCs, one XP Home (arrgggh), two Vista Home Premium (ARRRGGHHHH). All are
    fresh, new installs
    last week with all updates (OS & software). No other AV-type products are installed or
    were installed previously. The Z100G is two weeks old with latest firmware.
    One last item, rebooting the router has no effect when this starts to happen, only stopping ZAISS does the trick.
    Thanks much for any ideas on this one.
    ---Sorry for being long winded here!---

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZA Security Suite not allowing access to Z100G router - intermittent.

    Well for IE in the ZA program control you can have it at - three green bars- super trust level >
    Access - green checks &gt; the rest &quot; ? &quot;. When you use the IE connection diagnosis tool - do you get any sense of what is the critical issue that resolves it? See - .<hr>Please look at this - on mid tabs &gt; click on &gt;
    FAQS - .<hr>Please look at this support page for Z100 -
    click on &quot;General Faqs&quot; , &quot;User Guide&quot; , &quot;Getting Started
    Guide&quot; . &gt;&gt;&gt; You can use ZoneAlarm Router Live Chat Support or ZoneAlarm Router Online Support &lt;&lt;&lt;<hr>If you still need additonal help/advice in the future - there is actually a &quot;dedicated Z100&quot; forum board
    = Z100 all the time - Posting here will give you a better insight/ resolution.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 2-6-08 - I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys

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