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Thread: Some elements of some web site pages won't display correctly!

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    mjmuk Guest

    Default Some elements of some web site pages won't display correctly!

    Some elements of some web site pages won't display correctly when ZoneAlarm Pro is running!
    I have discovered an interesting problem with ZoneAlarmPro (Ver. 6.5.737.000).
    When looking at the following website page: Some elements of the right hand column will not display at all. Look at the page and you will see a gap where two more advert blocks should be.
    I have copied the HTML code for these blocks here to
    show what should be displayed.
    <span class="maintext300"><img src="images/newyearsgraphic.jpg" alt="Jazz Cafe advert" width="236" height="101" border="0"><br>


    <a href="birthday4sm.pdf" target="_blank">



    <img src="images/whatsonpics/taxiadvert.jpg" width="236" height="101"></span></div></td>

    <td rowspan="3" align="left" valign="top" background="images/rightbar.jpg"> </td>



    <td align="left" valign="top"><p><span class="boldformtext">What's on?<br>

    <span class="mainbold450">Scroll down....and click for a bigger picture

    of the bands</span><span class="maintextnowidth"><br>

    </span></span><span class="maintextformwhite">The management reserve

    the right to change the billing and timing of acts without prior notice.

    I have entered the site details into the Privacy Site lisiting with all columns set to 'Green Ticks' and still the element do not show up in either IE7 or Mozilla Firefox, all at the latest version/patch. This problem occurs on a
    PC's running Windows XP
    Professional again all at the latest patched version. Interestingly on another PC running with the Windows Firewall option running, the above page does display correctly! When I shut down the ZoneAlarmPro software on the
    PC showing the problem, the page then displays correctly.
    The same problem occurs when visiting
    many of the graphics
    in the table not displaying with ZoneAlarmPro running.
    Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this problem in ZoneAlarm?


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    critterjoe Guest

    Default Re: Some elements of some web site pages won't display correctly!

    <blockquote><hr>mjmuk wrote:
    Some elements of some web site pages won't display correctly when ZoneAlarm Pro is running!I have discovered an interesting problem with ZoneAlarmPro (Ver. 6.5.737.000).When looking at the following website page: Some elements of the right hand column will not display at all. Look at the page and you will see a gap where two more advert blocks should be.<hr></blockquote>

    Hi, mjmuk:
    Yes, this is most likely a ZA problem, due to a Privacy Setting for that website. There are 2 ways you can approach this. I'll give you some comprehensive info on how to set the privacy settings for websites. Some of what I paste here you have already tried, but the rest you have not tried. So go through this discussion and try the recommendations. Your problem is most likely due to the ad-blocking part of privacy settings.

    The first way is to relax the privacy settings for the one website that is giving you a problem. Go into your ZA Control Panel to Privacy|Site List. Find the website. If you haven't visited it yet that session, it won't appear in the list; in that case you can use the &quot;Add&quot; button in the lower right corner. Once the URL is in the site list, place checkmarks in these columns: mobile code and all 3 cookie columns (some sites will work ok with a checkmark in mobile code and another one in just the first cookie column). Then clean your browser cache and refresh your browser. Go to the site, and see if all images display. If not, then do this: Go back to Privacy|Site List and put an additional checkmark in &quot;private headers.&quot; Now everything but &quot;web bug&quot; column is checkmarked. Again clean your browser cache and refresh your browser.

    If that still doesn't work, go back to Site List and find the website in the list. RIGHT-click it and choose &quot;options.&quot; A box will popup with 3 tabs. On the cookie tab, remove checkmarks for all the cookies, and leave checkmarks present only in &quot;disable web bug&quot; (you can remove &quot;web bugs&quot; blocking if you want). Then go to ad-blocking tab and remove all checkmarks. Then go to mobile code and remove all checkmarks. Click OK to save. Now clean your browser cache and refresh your browser and go to the website in question. (When you are removing checkmarks in ad-blocking, mobile code tabs, etc., you *may* not have to remove all the checkmarks; you can play around and see if you can find which checkmarks are causing the problem, but there are so many possible combinations, that it's sometimes easier just to remove them all for that tab--it sort of depends on how much of a detective you want to be and how tightly refined you want the privacy settings for that website, and how much you trust the website.)

    Now these changes you just made above were just for the one website. All your other websites should still be controlled by the global settings. The problem is that some websites in question may get images from a number of different URLs which you would not know how to configure in advance, so you may have to resort to the method below:

    If none of the above worked, the other option when you encounter a problem website would be to turn off all privacy for the website using the global controls. This also turns off privacy for all subsequent websites, but you can turn them back on when you leave the problem website. Occasionally, a website will be such a problem that this is the only way to get everything to display on it. Most websites can be viewed by the method above; often with just a check in the mobile code column.

    In any case, to turn off the global privacy settings completely, you go to Privacy|Main tab. You will see 2 sliders (cookies and ad-blocking) and a radio button (mobile code.) Turn all 3 off. Do your business on the website, then go back and turn all 3 back on. If you don't, then privacy will remain off for all websites. After you turn them back on, click the &quot;custom&quot; tab just to be sure each tab options are set like you want them. You can also just turn off 1 global control like &quot;ad-blocking&quot; if you want and try that; if no luck then turn off global &quot;cookies&quot; or &quot;mobile code.&quot; You'll soon figure out which control is causing your problem. Just turn it back on when you're through.

    It's important to empty your browser cache and refresh the page each time you change the privacy settings before you revisit the website and decide whether it works. That resets the privacy setting and lets the new ones take effect. Otherwise you might think it's not working when it actually is.

    The last method, changing the global settings, may be necessary on complex websites that get their images and links from other servers with different URLs, redirects, etc. in which case you can't know all the URLs to customize. i.e, if website A has some text and graphics, but also gets some images from a different URL B, which may redirect from a URL C, etc., you'd never know all those URL's to properly configure on a URL by URL basis in the site list. So quickly shutting down the global settings will allow you to do your business. Just turn them back on when through.

    One last privacy hint. If you ever encounter a site where you cannot download software or cannot view a .pdf file, for instance, and you get a message like &quot;This object is blocked&quot;, this can usually be corrected quickly by placing a simple checkmark in the &quot;mobile code&quot; column at the Privacy|Site list, and one in the first cookie column. Then, of course, emptying the browser cache, refreshing the browser, then returning to the website and clicking again on the .pdf file or whatever. This time it should download and display.

    Please report back on your progress. Good luck.

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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    roadtrip Guest

    Default Re: Some elements of some web site pages won't display correctly!

    I know this post is old, but I had a problem getting the Microsoft update web page to open with the message, &quot;The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view.&quot; Microsoft recommended shutting down Z/A and try again. It worked, so I knew the problem had to be Z/A. I saw this post and tried the first two recommendations and it works ok, now. Thanks.

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