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Thread: Using Steam without Game Mode

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    digitalranger Guest

    Default Using Steam without Game Mode

    I've just started using ZoneAlarm, and have a question related to Steam games.

    I installed ZoneAlarm (free), and started running all the programs I commonly use for ZA to "learn" what was ok.
    I added both the Steam application and the hl2.exe for "Team Fortress 2". However, once I started playing TF2, I couldn't get a list of servers, *without* enabling game mode. (What's more, before Game mode was enabled, I couldn't even alt-tab back into Windows, I had to reboot my laptop!).

    Would someone please explain to me why I have to use the Game Mode, which is a security compromise, when I have already OK'd the game I wanted to run?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    tecnine Guest

    Default Re: Using Steam without Game Mode

    when it comes to steam, i guess we just have to make comprimises
    i run source dedicated server and i have to completly shut down ZA so people can actually join my server.
    Stupid how they (ZA)
    cant just email steam,ask them for there ports, and enable them in ZA for us.
    Common programs should have access automaticaly in my opinion.
    ZA is becoming like vista, no brains, just "allow" and "deny" every 2 seconds

    Message Edited by tecnine on 02-28-2008 10:16 PM

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    digitalranger Guest

    Default Re: Using Steam without Game Mode

    Glad you replied to this as it had slipped my mind I'd posted here.

    Since I posted, I have overcome the problem! I uninstalled ZA, and re-installed. Then, when I ran my Steam games, I didn't run them full screen, I ran them in Windowed mode instead. This allowed me catch the Zone Alarm permission requests.

    I haven't had a problem since, and I haven't had to use this insecure "game mode".

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