Hello All,
I'm posting this message on behalf of my brother in law, who currently cannot connect to the internet.
He has downloaded and installed the latest available version of Zone Alarm Pro, and it now appears that the internet connection has been blocked by the Software.
I guess this is a simple case of assigning some sort of authorisation for Zone Alarm to allow the connection to his BT Highway Router through the firewall.
I've had a look at the PC myself, and we've tried for several hours with different permission levels and changing every setting,
and I think we've managed to make it worse now if anything!!
Could you please let us know, how to completed return the software to "out of the box" status, and then grant our router permission to connect to the net via Zone Alarm Security Suite?
Any help you could offer is much appreciated.
Many thanks


Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:

Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Pro

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