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Thread: No Internet access until ZA is shutdown/restarted

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    kumada Guest

    Default No Internet access until ZA is shutdown/restarted


    here is my problem, very simple: when I start my computer (automatic wifi connection to my router), there's no internet access until I turn off ZA (lastest ZA Pro version). Then when I restart ZA everything is fine.

    So on 2 of my computers I have to do that (turn off and restart). What's wrong?


    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Pro

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    mtester Guest

    Default Re: No Internet access until ZA is shutdown/restarted

    I am running ZA Security Suite V with Vista SP1.
    All updates to Vista and ZA are current.
    I am having the same problem!
    Any suggestions?

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    kumada Guest

    Default Re: No Internet access until ZA is shutdown/restarted


    I fixed my problem!!

    When I started the computer (again there was no Internet connection automatically detected) instead of turning down/restarting ZA (to make it detecting the connection), I re-entered my local network parameters in "Firewall/Zones" as a subnet. Then I clicked on "Apply" and it worked!! I restarted my computer to check and this time the connection was here without turning down ZA!!

    Hope this will you...
    Good luck!


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    Default Re: No Internet access until ZA is shutdown/restarted

    Excellent! Glad you fixed this and posted just to tell us the problem is fixed! Thank you.

    I usually give this suggestion:

    Make sure your DNS and DHCP server IP's are in your Firewall's Trusted zone. Finding DNS and DCHP servers, etc

    1. Go to Run and type in command and hit 'ok', and in the command then type in ipconfig /all then press the enter key. In the returned data list will be a line DNS and DHCP Servers with the IP address(s) listed out to the side. Make sure there is a space between the ipconfig and the /all, and the font is the same (no capitals).
    2. In ZA on your machine on the Firewall, open the Zones tab, click Add and then select IP Address. Make sure the Zone is set to Trusted. Add the DNS IP(s) .
    3. Click OK and Apply. Then do the same for the DHCP server.
    4. The localhost ( must be listed as Trusted.
    5. The Generic Host Process (svchost.exe) as seen in the Zone Alarm's Program's list must have server rights for the Trusted Zone.
    Plus it must have both Trusted and Internet Access.

    Extra help is found at Guru Hoov site for the DNS/DHCP.

    Best regards.

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