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Thread: Cannot access a website via broadband, but it works with dial-up

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    Default Cannot access a website via broadband, but it works with dial-up

    I cannot access
    Britannica website using broadband from an email link, but can get there using dial-up. When I raised it with my ISP their solution was to shut down my firewall "because I only go to websites where I wouldn't get viruses", which I am not prepared to do. I did close it down very briefly as an experiment, & still could not get through to the site
    via broadband. For my trouble I got a small text file left on the desktop. So I feel this eliminates ZASS as the problem, & leaves me with a lack of faith in the abilities of my ISP. However I am prepared to listen to those with more experience than me.
    I use Win XP with SP2 & regular updates since,
    ZASS 7.0.470, & IE7 also regularly updated.
    I get a daily email for this day in history, which has links to to the Britannica site for subjects raised in the email. They do use tracking cookies, to see that you make regular use of the site. I have enabled these for the sites that appear when the page is loading in dial-up under the ZASS list of sites in the privacy section, and also listed the sites as "Always allow" under Privacy in IE7.
    When I click a link using the broadband connection, IE7 comes up with a "Waiting for website" message on the bottom line for exactly 15 seconds every time, then displays "Internet Explorer cannot display webpage."
    Can anyone see what the problem actually is from this sketchy desciption, because it has me beat.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Cannot access a website via broadband, but it works with dial-up

    Ok the ZA was off and the site did not work.
    The .txt file when opened said what?

    Web page is a blank and does not load and then fails when the hyper link is clicked. Sounds like a "domain name lookup" failure.
    When this happens, next time, open the command and type in (without the quotation marks and please substitue the correct url for the "nslookup" and then use the Enter key.
    Or try "ping".
    Got results that are positive? Need a comparision to see what the difference is, then instead of the url use and those servers always comes through.

    Something to consider:
    [*]Does the broadband connection use a router too or just the modem?[*]Does the modem have a builtin NAT firewall?[*]If using a router, does the router act as the DNS server or do you use the internet provider's DNS server?[*]Tried using another DNS server such as (free and secure and often faster than the providers)?[*]Are the dns server registered in the properties of the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) of the network connection in windows? Also are these the same dns server (same provider) for both dialup and broadband? Or are these two different providers?[*]When the ZA is on, check the Firewall and the Program Logs in the Log Viewer and see if anything got blocked or dropped[*]Send the email link to a friend with a different provider and see if the problem can be duplicated[*]Running out of ideas, from the top of my head, so let me think a few days about this

    Best regards.
    Best regards.

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