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    tsblock Guest

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    I recently installed Mozy, an online backup service that came highly recommended. After a partial upload to their servers, I could not continue. Mozy tech support indicates the following: "We have noticed lately the some users of Mozy and Zone Alarm (as well as Kaspersky) antivirus will find Mozy disabled since those security software applications will view Mozy behavior as suspicious. To work as it does, Mozy must watch drive activity for changes, encrypt files, and send large amounts of data across the internet. Unfortunately, Mozy can do nothing about this as long as those programs are running. (We certainly don't want to create a situation where our software tries to trick or hide from security software.) Therefore, until there is an update for Zone Alarm, you will need to contact them for further help. The files that need to be allowed operation are:

    Mozy.sys (or MozyPro.sys)
    Mozybackup.exe (or MozyProBackup.exe)
    MozyConfig.exe (or MozyProConfig.exe)

    Is there a fix for this in Zone Alarm or do I have to abandon Mozy.

    Thanks in advance,


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

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    Go to Program Control > Programs tab, locate each of the three programs, and give Super Trust Level. That should work. If the entries don't exist, you can create them with the Add button at bottom right.

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    tsblock Guest

    Default Re: Mozy Access

    Thanks for the tip. It worked. Appreciate your assistance

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    njpsu Guest

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    I had the same problem.
    What version are you using?
    If you have not upgraded to the version do that first. (I had a lot of problems with and
    Then make sure that when you scan the mozyhome directory with Zone Alarm anti-virus you don't automatically delete or quartentine anything.
    Set up the scan to allow you to chose go to advanced options under the anti-virus tab in Zone Alarm.
    You will like get an alert for a
    something identified as "".
    According to Mozy it is not adware but they are having a problem getting the file component on the white list of various anti-virus vendors.
    If you keep that file intact (it's actually a piece of the Mozy.sys file), Mozy should work without a problem.
    Also, follow the set up instructions on the Mozy support site for how to configure Zone Alarm to ensure it has required access to execute the back ups.

    I learned all this after a number of emails between me and Mozy that started with Mozy saying "you'll have to get another anti-virus program" to now a good detailed explaination of what's going on.
    (The first guy who responded for Mozy was "mistaken" according to the Mozy support supervisor I finally got a hold of!)
    Hope this helps!

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    rossmac Guest

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    That works for maybe one or two daily automatic backups but then ZA buts in again and ignores my line (mozystat.exe Custom Trust Level Super tick tick tick tick query) and adds a new line: mozystat.exe Auto followed by a whole line of queries. Result - no automatic backup. Manually initiated backups continue to go through. So the question is: How do I stop ZA from ignoring my settings and superimposing its own? I have XP Home Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254

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