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Thread: Why did Zone Alarm lock internet access on it's own?

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    Default Why did Zone Alarm lock internet access on it's own?

    I left ZoneAlarm running when I went out. I had bittorrent downloads running, and when I came back there was a big red lock. It said internet access locked. I didn't lock internet access, so why did it lock itself? Is there some kind of security feature that may, when working right, turn off internet access to stop an attack?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
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    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Why did Zone Alarm lock internet access on it's own?

    More than likely the ZA saw too many incoming connections (and quite possiblely coming to many unusual ports not just too many remote IPs) and it determined there was a DoS attack being held against it.
    The ZA then starts to locks up or starts to block the incoming connections.

    It maybe the P2P client was set to use too many connections all at once and therefore reducing/limiting the number of connections along with the speeds/rates of the connections may solve the problem.

    Check your firewall/program logs in the Log Viewer and have a look at what happened.
    There may have actually been an attack - but only the ZA logs will reveal what actually happened.

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