Hi everyone,

I am trying out latest ZoneAlarm 7.1 on Vista (business / ultima) and found some problem with my program.

First of all, my program uses couple of UDP sockets and bind them to loopback address, so the port number will be assigned by the system and won't be aconstant port.

UDP sockets will send to the other UDP sockets for some synchronization purpose. all
on loopback address.

For example, I will have a UDP socket handle=380 ( after binding

and another UDP socket handle=368 ( after binding.

Now socket handle=380 will connect to and send few bytes of data,

I've set Zonealarm to treat loopback address as trusted rule, and list my process/program as ask, now here is what happened.

1. the first time it runs, ZA will prompt me if you allow the connection to for my program, I say allow and remember the setting, and things are working fine.

2. I ran my program again, ZA won't ask me anything anymore, but since the socket will now bind to different port number, it will block the send() call, so the program breaks.

The same program somehow works fine on XP with the same latest ZA 7.1.

Although I believe ZA has different implementation in XP vs. Vista. Their XP seems to use Kaspsersky's engine, where I didn't find the same driver exists on Vista.

My question is, even I place my program as allowed for all access/server in the program control, it doesn't help, it will just block the UDP socket on the loopback address.
The only time it worked is if I reset the setting and have ZA to ask for permission and it works for the first time.
I mean, why would it add a whitelist rule for process only for 1 iport combination, is it the case?
Anyway to add a processname to a truely whitelist?
It seems to me ZA's implementation is not very predictable.
I've been tested with various firewall software, Norton/McAfee/TrendMicro/CA/Kaspersky... they all worked fine with my program in XP/Vista.

Anybody has anyway to lift the blocking mechanism in ZA, at least for loopback for a process?

Operating System:Windows Vista Business
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite