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Thread: Why *DIDN'T* I lose access??

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    hys Guest

    Default Why *DIDN'T* I lose access??

    I'm wondering why I did NOT experience internet connectivity loss, given that I downloaded the problem MS hotfix and have my ZA Pro Intenet Zone slider set to high security.
    I haven't
    read anything suggesting that some may have been completely unaffected despite having the "vulnerable" settings.

    Could it be because I have XP2 instead of XP3? Or because I am still stubbornly
    sticking to
    an older version of ZA Pro on this pc (v5)? Or because I have some of the
    less-basic functions disabled (e.g. spyware detection)?

    Or were there others who
    likewise lacked connectivity
    problem after the hotfix, despite a "High Security" setting on the Internet Zone Slider?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Pro

    Everything described here applies to both of my pc's.
    Identically configured, and no connectivity problem surfaced on either one.

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    johncody Guest

    Default Re: Why *DIDN'T* I lose access??

    Its probably because your using an older version of ZA.
    I'm guessing that newer versions of ZA offer better protection then your older one because it hooks in "deeper" into the OS to better detect spyware.
    But, this deep hooking
    makes it
    more sensitive to
    low-level hotfixes/changes that MS makes to kernel OS files.

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