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Thread: HELP! Internet only on MED (NOT High) & Traffic Icon stays as solid Z even when downloading

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    ramen Guest

    Default HELP! Internet only on MED (NOT High) & Traffic Icon stays as solid Z even when downloading

    I hope someone can help me. I cannot access the internet anymore with ZA unless I change the internet setting to "MEDIUM." If I set it on HIGH it denies everything.ALSO, something seems to be wrong with the "Traffic Icon" (the green/red bars thing). It only occasionally shows green/red. Most of the time, even if data is coming in (such as if I'm downloading something) it just stays on the "Z".
    Until today, I had Norton AV 2007 and an older ZA (From Dec 07) installed OK, with no problems.Today though, I uninstalled Norton NAV 2007 and installed Norton NAV 2008.Today I also installed the latest version of ZA (free edition).**EDIT** -- ALSO TODAY, I let Windows XP do an update (security update). I did this BEFORE upgrading to NAV 2008 and the new ZA. I notice someone after me just replied he is having the same problem. Is it because of Windows' latest update? **END EDIT**
    I have XP Home SP2, and a D-Link D-604
    router with built-in firewall. However everything worked together OK before today.ZA free edition (latest version), NAV 2008 (just installed, it's up-to-date).
    Now, under ZA's "FIREWALL" tab, if it is set to HIGH (the suggested place for Internet Zone) there is NO internet connection at all.IE is dead, Firefox is dead, Email is dead. Only by changing the setting to MEDIUM (suggested only for TEMPORARY use in Internet zone) will I be able to connect.
    Also, the only time the "Z" icon turns into the "red/green bars Traffic Icon" is when INITIALLY GOING TO A NEW WEBPAGE. Once I'm on that webpage, if I try to download a file (such as even ZA's update file), even though it's being downloaded (as I can see on the windows download box) instead of showing the RED/GREEN bars, the ZA icon stays at "Z" (even though data is being received and downloaded!!!!) This also happens when using other programs (like a bit torrent program). It IS downloading OK, but the ZA icon remains as just as "Z" instead of showing the traffic as it used to do (it will not show red/green bars, just show "Z" even though it is downloading).
    But if I try to move the ZA "FIREWALL" setting back to HIGH, I will have NO internet connection.Again, I do have a router with hardware firewall (D-Link D-604 router) but it's always worked right before.
    ALSO: It never asked me to enter programs to "allow." I allowed ZA to do the scan when installing (to see which browers, etc I'm using).
    I'm not an expert at this... so if someone would be so kind to try to help, I would really appriciate it (please ask anything you need to know, I will tell you). But I DO know that it worked fine before. I really like having the Red/Green Traffic Icon bars showing data transfer -- but now it just stays on "Z" instead of showing the bars (even when downloading) -- except when first bringing up a new webpage (then it will show the bars, then just go to "Z&quot. So something's weird. I'm also worried because it is not very safe to keep it on MEDIUM (instead of HIGH) all the time, right?
    I've been able to use both NAV and ZA together for a few years now -- until today. Maybe there's a setting I have to re-do?Can someone please help me so that it will allow internet access when FIREWALL is set on HIGH (not just MEDIUM) -- and bring back the Traffic Icon bars when downloading (instead of showing the red/green bars, it just shows "Z" most of the time, even when downloading or uploading).

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    brucepearson Guest

    Default Re: HELP! Internet only on MED (NOT High) & Traffic Icon stays as solid Z even when downloading

    I've just let Windows XP do an update and now I get the same problem.

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    ramen Guest

    Default Re: HELP! Internet only on MED (NOT High) & Traffic Icon stays as solid Z even when downloading

    AH! I forgot! I let Windows XP do an update for me as well today! (I just edited that part in to my initial message).I let the computer do the update BEFORE I then upgraded to NAV 2008 and the latest ZA.
    Can I ask you --* Are you getting the solid "Z" instead of the red/green bars when downloading now?* Do you have
    Nortion 2008?*
    Did you update anything else (like ZA or Anti Virus) besides the XP update?* When you say you have the same problem, do you mean the solid "Z" instead of the red/green, or the blocking of the internet in HIGH mode (or both?)
    I'm trying to figure out if it might be the XP update that is the problem(Because I updated 3 things at once -- the XP update,
    ZA, and
    NAV, so I'm trying to figure out what it might be).


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    spannerman Guest

    Default Re: HELP! Internet only on MED (NOT High) & Traffic Icon stays as solid Z even when downloading

    It seems that it is KB951748 that screws up zonealarm, if you uninstall this update then zonealarm works perfectly.
    AV has nothing to do with the problem as far as i can see,i use Nod32, you use Norton, some other people with this issue will no doubt have a different AV
    I know of about five people that have had this issue today unistalling KB951748 worked for them all.

    We just need zonelabs or microsoft to issue a fix for this.


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