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Thread: KB951748 CONNECTION Issues

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    cbmurphy Guest

    Default KB951748 CONNECTION Issues

    Can we have an official response on this please.
    Connection is being disabled / removed after update.
    It appears that lowering to medium security will help with this issue in ZA but
    we would like to update the KB951748 patch.

    Official response please

    Edit>> Sorry realised its the KB951748 that is the problem not as mentioned earlier.
    My apolgies. Thanks for the quick response guys and gals. Will do as mentioned.

    Thank you.

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    tsec Guest

    Default Re: KB953230 BREAKING CONNECTION

    It's KB951748.

    ZA have advised here that this update should be uninstalled (via add/remove programs) until a fix is sorted.

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    tsec Guest

    Default Re: KB953230 BREAKING CONNECTION

    This is about as official as it gets at the moment:

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    voltaje Guest

    Default Re: KB953230 BREAKING CONNECTION

    Thanks for jumping on it early guys. Brighthouse/RoadRunner techs are recomending contact with ZA for the same issues (the tech serving me had seen your posts already and referred me to them). Frustrating to wake to this but, I like how MS greets the world some mornings with a mighty ho ho ho and a skirew you. But, I digress, they're just patchin' holes (or in this case tenting my house and fumigating me in my sleep.)

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    voltaje Guest

    Default Re: KB953230 BREAKING CONNECTION

    Darn it. I don't have this patch listed in/add remove progs. Why/other guidance? How shall we uninstall KB953230? (one post cited different patch number)

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    tsec Guest

    Default Re: KB953230 BREAKING CONNECTION

    I got no idea what the issue (if any) is with KB953230.

    Strange that if you have installed KB951748 that it doesnt appear in add/remove programs. You sure that you have the box ticked at the top of the add/remove winodow (Show Updates)?

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    voltaje Guest

    Default Re: KB953230 BREAKING CONNECTION

    Thanks tsec LOL yeah forgot about that. It's there. LOL it's early man.

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    cbmurphy Guest

    Default Re: KB951748 CONNECTION Issues

    Just to be clear its my error the problem is with KB951748
    I had been mislead on another forum in the UK about this this morning and I hadn't had my coffee yet :P

    There is no issue with the Malicious Software Removal Tool which is KB890830 and Zone Alarm as far as I am aware.

    I wonder how many people are out there today trying to troubleshoot this without their internet connection.
    Using a system restore point before this update in clears the problem by the way in case anyone reads this
    who is a novice user.

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    vpnavy Guest

    Default Re: KB951748 CONNECTION Issues

    This is really a Major problem! There are tons of users out their who have no idea what is going on cause they can't get onto the InterNet. Microsoft can make a change or ZoneAlarm can make a change - but those users hanging out their are lost. Trying to contact (by phone) is a stressful experience for newbee's. Sure hope something is learned for future problems.

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