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Thread: Microsoft Security Update

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    opforce Guest

    Default Microsoft Security Update

    I downloaded the latest MS Security Updates to my laptop.I run ZA Security Suite 7.0.473
    After the update, I had no internet connectivity unles I lowered the firewall protection from HIGH to Medium.
    I always had it on High and it worked fine.
    Don't understand what could have happened.
    Has anyone experienced this and do you know of a fix?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Nov 2004

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 6am to 10pm Central time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    tsec Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update


    I think we need a big sticky at the top of this forum section detailing the problem and the need to unistall the patch. Also, something in the way of a statement (the last one is a few hours old now) regarding the work in progress to fix this issue.

    Just a thought

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    oligier Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update

    I experienced the very same yesterday, i had to restore to resolve the situation. This morning, i did reinstall the update one by one, and once i installed the KB 951748, bingo, ZA started back to freak....So, i uninstalled the KB 951748 and everything is back to normal again.

    Also i got some info from tle Microsoft forum: =en&cr=US&sloc=&p=1

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    salcon Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update

    I uninstalled the update, rebooted the computer, and ran automatic update for ZA. After about 9mb of transfer the connection was broken and now I have to turn off ZA to get online.

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    tsec Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update

    Automatic Updates for Windows hasnt downlaoded the patch again, has it?

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    marieyoung Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update

    I have cablevision (optimumonline).
    When I called for help, they asked if I had zonealarm and told me they are getting hundreds of calls already, to check here to see what ZA is doing about it, and they have a broadcast on their support site to make this the first point of touble shooting, so I guess this is a universal problem.
    I will set my zone to medium.
    I have a wired modem, so hope the security will remain high.
    Hope someone gets a patch.

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    tomocapi Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update

    Hi tehre..I
    ve experienced the same problems described here by other users. I found out , however, that I didn
    t have to uninstall anything. All I did was lower the Internet Zone Security slide to
    the Medium position. I have a router, s it does most of the filtering anyway.

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    worrywort Guest

    Default Re: Microsoft Security Update

    This worked for me as well.
    Changing it from HIGH to MEDIUM fixed it.
    Something is wrong with the HIGH Internet Zone Security setting.
    You have to slide it to medium.

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    terrywoodenpic Guest

    Default uninstall upodate???

    I am thick
    How do you uninstall a microsoft security update?

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