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Thread: There is a ZA version that works for me

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    mfrappollo Guest

    Default There is a ZA version that works for me

    I have 6 PC's and did the upgrades on all of them.
    In case a techie is looking all but one shared the problem.
    The only difference with the one that still works is the ZA version, which is 6.1.737.000.
    I did not upgrade that one yet.
    The anti-virus engine is:

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    atlanta Guest

    Default Re: There is a ZA version that works for me

    I was running ZA 6.5.731.000.

    After running MS update and installing patch, I realized that ZA was no longer working.
    I then uninstalled ZA 6.5.731.000 and installed ZA 7.0.470.000.
    When ZA 7.0.470.000 did not work either, I checked the ZoneAlarm User Forum and learned that the MS patch was the problem.
    Moving from high to medium security solved the problem, but then I saw this post about an older version of ZA which worked.
    I then unistalled ZA 7.0.470.000 and installed ZA 6.1.744.001; the latter appears to work fine on high security.
    My question:
    From a security perspective, is it better to run ZA 6.5.731.000 on high or ZA 7.0.470.000 on medium?
    I am assuming that the answer to this depends upon whether substantive security enhancements were made between ZA 6.5.731.000 and ZA 7.0.470.000, or whether changes were just cosmetic and ease of use changes.
    Anyone know?

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