Dear Zone Alarm,
This morning, July 9th I attempted to connect to the internet, with out success. I contacted my internet provider -- Time Warner Cable -- and the technical support people checked my modem and did some other tests. One of those tests involved the turning off of specific programs, of which Zone Alarm was one of those programs. When I shut down Zone Alarm and then attempted to connect to the internet I was successful. I could then connect via both my internet browsers and my email accounts through both Outlook Express and Sea Monkey.

I do not know why Zone Alarm is blocking my connecting to the internet or to my email carriers / handlers. Could you please be so kind as to check into why I am having difficulties connecting to the internet because of Zone Alarm. Thank you for your time and kindness in this matter.

Per your information, after turning off Zone Alarm and enabling Windows Firewall I am able to access the internet and my email.

My copy of Zone Alarm was registered on 6/26/2008
Craig J. Phillips Second Chance to Live

Have a simply phenomenal day.

Craig J. Phillips

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)