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Thread: All traffic blocked

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    mpotts Guest

    Default All traffic blocked

    I have a two-computer network both running ZA.
    Both run XP and connect to the Internet via a cable modem (using a router).
    This morning, neither computer can connect.
    All traffic is being blocked regardless of the program being used.
    (Thunderbird, IE, Firefox).
    It appears that ZA is the problem, as when I shut it down, everything works just fine.
    All my programs have been allowed access in ZA.
    I've not made any configuration changes with anything.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    elico Guest

    Default Re: All traffic blocked

    To get connections again take the following steps:

    1. In the ZA firewall screen, in the 'Internet security zone' section, click on the 'custom' button
    2. In the 'High security settings for internet zone', select 'allow outgoing TCP ports', and type in the 'Ports' field: 80,443,110

    port 80 is for the browsers
    port 443 is for https
    port 110 is for thunderbird

    This seems to work for me

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    drsayus Guest

    Default Re: All traffic blocked

    What about allowing incoming TCP packets? Is that necessary too and if so, which ports?

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    elico Guest

    Default Re: All traffic blocked

    No just outgoing, and it should work fine, which also should not be too much of a security risk

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    drsayus Guest

    Default Re: All traffic blocked

    Ok thanks man

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    mpotts Guest

    Default Re: All traffic blocked

    Just curious .. why did this happen?
    ZA usually asks me what I want to allow/block.
    I''ve never had it lock me out like this before.

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    fmbertone Guest

    Default Re: All traffic blocked

    That fixed my problem, I am just not sure why it happened to begin with I was able to access the internet before and it just started last night.... very strange...Thanks again for your help

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