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Thread: New fix and CA-Antivirus

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    baz8755 Guest

    Default New fix and CA-Antivirus

    I will be attempting to install the latest patch this evening but was wondering whether or not I will have to uninstall my CA-Antivirus first.

    As I seem to recall the last time I installed ZA it would not let me install with CA-Antivirus installed.



    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
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    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    baz8755 Guest

    Default Re: New fix and CA-Antivirus

    Having just updated 4 of my 5 machines it would appear that you still need to uninstall CA-Antivirus before installing Zone Alarm update. Then re-install CA-Antivirus, this is somewhat of a pain

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    amo Guest

    Default Re: New fix and CA-Antivirus

    I use ZA free firewall version 6.5.737.000. I also use CA Antivrus. Upgrading to a newer version ZA free won't work, i have to uninstall CA Antivirus but then it still won't install properly. So i decided, some time ago, to stay with the free version 6.5.737.000. I don't need the full suite anyways. But now, with the new windowsupdate problem Zone Labs suggests on their site to install the latest version zlsSetup_70_483_000_en.exe. (The other options are realy no solutions: uninstalling the windows update... lower the security level in ZA to medium (no stealth mode) are not solutions but workarrounds...)
    Now i have again the
    same problem, installing this complete SUITE together with CA Antivirus.
    I think it's seriously strange that i have to remove software of manufacturer A to install software from manufacturer B and re-install the software from A again. Why doesn't ZL make a version that installs together properly
    with CA antivirus, i'm not the only one with this problem. It will also be a graet idea to release a fix for the old free version 6x for this windows updateproblem or a new version 7x as before: only the free ZA FW as version 6.
    What's the point of downloading (with a lot of problems) a large (45MB) softwareprogram and installing the full suite and then somewhere in the installation process choose the free version and finally use only one small (v6 was about 13MB) part of it. I'm not going to use the suite or pro version. Certainly not if ZL pushes me this way to purchase a suite. I think ZL is neglecting a large group of users of the free ZA FW when they don't release a fix for free users using CA antivirus.

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