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Thread: Network drive access prevented by ZA

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    ljbirnsxxxxxxx Guest

    Default Network drive access prevented by ZA

    I recently installed a Network Access Drive HD for my network. The drive is connected by Ethernet cable to my D-Link Di 624 router. Zone Alarm permits my XP computers to access the drive with a setting of MEDIUM in the Internet Zone Security . If I make that setting HIGH I cannot access the drive. I CAN access the internet with the setting on high
    I am using Zone Alarm free version
    Any help would be appreciated.


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    ljbirnsxxxxxxx Guest

    Default Re: Network drive access prevented by ZA

    OK Problem solved. This is how:
    In the "Zones" area of the "Firewall" configuration section.

    Click the "Add" button at the bottom and click "Subnet" to define the subnet. Make sure the "Trusted" zone is selected when you define the subnet address. When you define the subnet, make sure to leave 0 as the last octet, like this: ( This is what threw me has to be --the zeros ) (netmask)

    On the "Main" section of the "Firewall" configuration area, make sure the Internet Zone is set to "High" and the "Trusted" Zone is set to "Medium" (don't want the "Trusted" Zone to be high).


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