Group -- Discovered late 09 July that I was blocked off the Internet.
Called my ISP -- Cox Cable -- right away.
They gave me the the Microsoft knowledge base culprit's number and the fact that Microsoft was blocking another competitor, ZA.
Surprise, surprise.
Microsoft up to its patented tricks.
OK, Igor, throw the switch again.
Time to wipe out another 50 percent of all Microsoft hierarchy.
Didn't have time until late this
afternoon to follow up.
Went straight to Google News.
Discovered that ZA had posted a self-defense fix, 483.
Bounced to the
ZA site and downloaded.
Immediate relief.
My IE browser, OE email, and several important-to-me programs are all playing nice again.
No Internet probs detected.
Wish that everyone's experience would be as clean as mine.
Thanks to the ZA crew for taking care of their own, even when corporate fascism a'la Microsplotch will not.
Exiting now to run a full virus scan.
Good luck to us all.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:6.1
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite