I hope everyone has resolved the issues on their PC with the MSFT (KB951748)and ZA updates.

I installed the new version of ZA (ZA Anti-spyware/Firewall). Verified all settings (inc. HIGH (stealth) for Firewall). Restarted PC. All looks good.

Installed the MSFT update, restarted PC, verified ZA settings again, tested IE and Mozilla FF browsers. All works. Including e-mail access to Mozilla Thunderbird. Tested e-mail from a Yahoo account to a T-Bird account and all good.

Windows XP Service Pk 2 - now with all current updates.
(I have the MSFT auto-updates turned OFF. Always check and perform manually and twice per week).
Zone Alarm AntiSpyware/Firewall (current)
**bleep** Antivirus (current)

I have not yet installed MSFT Service Pack 3 - waiting a few more days to ensure all is completely good.
Anyone already installed SPk3 along with the ZA fix and your results are perfect? Look forward to your reply.

thanks, pcsafety_larry

running on empty.........

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware