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Thread: Have the "Try Now" product trial versions been updated for (KB951748)

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    mikeband Guest

    Default Have the "Try Now" product trial versions been updated for (KB951748)

    I'm trialing ZA-Antivirus and I'm afraid to download the standard fix. ('Might screw up somethoing else since I don't have a paid license yet.) In the interim I noticed the MS update changed the source IP for outgoing access. I configured an expert rule to allow that addy for the internet zone and everything seems to be working OK. Is that an acceptable strategy? What's the proper procedures for customers trying out
    ZA products?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Have the "Try Now" product trial versions been updated for (KB951748)

    If your ZA trial version &quot;is working&quot; with the added MS update - then I would suggest you 'stay the course - no need to try out the new 7.0483 with fix' ; the configuration of expert rules you had applied 'was another strategy that some 'advanced users' were able to employ - and it worked for them - so &quot;you did right.&quot;<hr>The current 'try now/ trial versions' = some do/ others
    not -
    have the new fix - as far as I know. The new version with the fix = 7.0.483 &gt;
    &lt; can be gotton within this link.<hr>
    - more info on the regular versions.<hr>After your ~15 day trial and should you decide to keep your ZA AV - 'most probably you should not experience any difficulty - but, should you come by some issues, come by the forum - we have solutions.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-10-08 - My Way - Frank Sinatra

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    mikeband Guest

    Default Re: Have the "Try Now" product trial versions been updated for (KB951748)

    Thank you for the confirmation. It's nice to know I can just stay the course for a few days and
    let the dust settle before buying a license.
    Stuff happens to every company, however I was pleased to see the all information and work arounds appear so quickly on the Zone Labs
    forum. To see the problems get resolved as the work arounds and fixes came through the sorting out process (in full view and without censorship) gave me a sense of confidence that
    a resolution would be available ASAP. I don't get that with many products.


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