ZA Pro Trial blocked my PC system....... after talking with my TSG @ NPG Cable, he mentioned that there was a conflict with ZA & MS Update.
Turned setting to medium ( not happy with that) and Voila! Internet communication.
I had a paid order for ZA Pro, but with life going on forgot to update & pay.
ZA went to ZA Free.
By accident I d/l'd ZA Pro, went ahead and installed.
Before retiring for the evening I did a scan from within ZA.
When i went to go onlne all access to files, browsers, system programs wer blocked.
The error message went something like:
"unable to acccess file or does not exist, or you do not have enough rights to access".
Went to go check the settings, and guess what PC BLOCKED MSG.
Windows explorer can come up, but can't access programs.
Short & Sweet, remembering the scan, went into ZA checked the blocked zone, and there was almost my whole system being blocked.
Tried to use the add button, but was grayed out.
Can't do a restore as I get the error msg.
Can only access ZA & my weatherbug program.

Next step please.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro