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Thread: Zone Alarm problem or Orange???

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    doodah Guest

    Default Zone Alarm problem or Orange???

    Sorry if this question has been asked already but I need to know whether this is a Zone Alarm issue or an ISP problem! As briefly as possible - (I'm using my neighbour's computer!) - I haven't had internet access for over 2 weeks now. I use Zone Alarm Free v. 6.5.737.000, Windows XP / Orange broadband using Live Box + Inventel Wireless.

    I tried to reinstall the wireless connection on the LiveBox to no avail. The disc wouldn't get past the first screen - when I clicked on "continue" it just did nothing! I've spent hours on the phone with Orange who decided I needed a new disc to reinstall the wireless connection - they
    twice sent me the same, "wrong" disc and eventually told me that the Inventel disc has been discontinued and I would need to buy a new wireless connector! When I told them I wanted to cancel my Orange broadband they put me through to an engineer who talked me through various things to try to get the internet to load. It seems that the broadband connection IS there but nothing can get in or out. After half an hour he then said that he thought it was a Zone Alarm issue and that I should contact them - sigh!
    So, my question is, does the above loss of internet access for more than 2 weeks sound like the current problems everyone else is experiencing??? If so, should I follow the instructions on this site? Any help/advice would be very much appreciated!!!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    nedpears Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm problem or Orange???

    Hey there,
    I have been experiencing the same issue since the beginning of the week - I finally gave Orange a ring and they told me to disable Zone Alarm as there was a conflict between the Livebox and Zone Alarm which their engineers are currently working on.
    So I turned off Zone Alarm and could access the internet immediately.
    I now have no firewall protection other than the windows one but at least I can get online!!
    Orange said they would email customers when the problem had been fixed so that we could reactivate Zone Alarm.
    Hope this helps.

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    nedpears Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm problem or Orange???

    Looks like Zone Alarm produced an update to get round this issue:
    Its all because of Microsoft Update KB951748

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    doodah Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm problem or Orange???

    Thank you very much for your reply and I'm pleased you have your internet connection. I have a feeling that this problem is virus related though as the internet wouldn't connect with ZoneAlarm disabled / system restore / ZoneAlarm uninstalled Hey ho! I'll take a look at the link you sent though.
    Thanks again :-)

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