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Thread: Should I use ZA Update to Fix KB951748 if I already uninstalled it?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Should I use ZA Update to Fix KB951748 if I already uninstalled it?

    Don't be scared off by 'some' users who have problems with this new version fix; on each and
    every version upgrade - there has been
    and will always be 'some' users who will have problems( sometimes it's the way they tried to upgrade/ other software conflict/ other software not being turned-off/ etc..) and then there are the 'better majority' of users who have succeed and 'why bother to post in ZA forum' (yes, a few do - good for you's). Ususally, forums are where they post the problems; not the successes.<hr>The MS update in question is actually an important security update &gt; click here
    .<hr>The advice HammerNU suggested is good. Here is some more advice here &gt; click here &gt;
    = this is more complex, but do-able and will 'increase' your chances of success/ less complications.<hr>In my personal case - I never installed ms update - I have 'notify of update, but don't install'
    and I learned of the problem before I would have ms updated. I have 7.0.462 and will probably install the new 7.0.483 cause I know the MS update is a serious security concern.<hr>You still have some time to look thru the boards and make your decision. Remember, you are 'seeing only the complaint side'; not the 'real' whole picture of this new version.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-12-08 -
    Sooner Or Later - The Grass Roots

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    katieann Guest

    Default Re: Should I use ZA Update to Fix KB951748 if I already uninstalled it?

    The advice worked great!
    But two things concern me.
    Upon the clean install it said I had viruses in quarantine.
    Did I want to delete them?
    I said no so I could look and see what they were but it was empty.
    I was pretty sure it was.
    That was weird.
    My second thing is, after the clean install and AS/AV update, I went to MS to reinstall KB951748 but it said I already had a successful download.
    Before I uninstalled it earlier today, I made a copy and put it in another directory.
    When I couldn't download it again, I just moved back into the Windows file.
    That should be okay, right?
    One more thing, just kind of off the track:
    When I was trying to download the MS fix, I saw Service Pack 3 for download.
    Does anyone know if I have to uninstall SP2 or some other crazy thing in order to maintain the status quo?
    Thanks for all your help!

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Should I use ZA Update to Fix KB951748 if I already uninstalled it?

    You do not have to uninstall SP2, SP3 goes on over it (actually replaces SP1/SP2). I recommend you (first do a System Restore checkpoint, then) install it. Be aware that it takes a while to install (15 - 30 minutes maybe) and don't get scared if nothing seems to happen at times. There's one point, I think a download during the SP3 install, where the progress bar never fills in or moves. Poor design. The final reboot takes awhile as it finishes the install.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default katieann , xpsp3

    Click here for more info of xp sp3 install &gt;
    = this is their 'recommendation' and I would have to agree. You can easily &quot;temporarily shut-down ZA&quot; - right click ZA tray icon.<hr>katieann, I would suggest off -hand, that you post in a 'linear' always scrolling down one reply to the next/ in real-time &gt; instead of popping up any new developments anywhere you please - it's kind of hard to 'find' the next / new reply post.<hr>Important issue for xp sp3 - if you have a HP/ Compaq desktop pc with any AMD memory processor - please - DO NOT INSTALL XP SP3 - please post back immediately.<hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 7-13-08 - Jeopardy - Greg Kihn Band

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