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Thread: This Quick Tempoary fix worked for me

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    kaustin Guest

    Default This Quick Tempoary fix worked for me

    Prior to knowing what caused my access problem, I fixed mine temporarily by doing a system restore, then disabling the automatic updates in my windows security center. I know this is what worked because the first time I tried I neglected to disable the updates. The system again downloaded the update causing a second access problem.
    may not be a permanant fix, but it was good enough to allow me access to the internet
    until a more permannat fix could be installed.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    compudiot Guest

    Default Re: This Quick Tempoary fix worked for me

    Hi Kaustin... I am not very computer literate, obviously. How do you do a system restore and disable updates? Or just disable updates? After downloading the "fixed" ZA Security Suite 7.0, I got internet access again (first had taken laptop to repair place... $60 later knew what the prob was) BUT now laptop is extremely slow, and of course the MS update sneaks back on when I turn off the computer. Thanks for your help...

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    samlar Guest

    Default Re: This Quick Tempoary fix worked for me

    Not sure what operating system you have but is xp all you have to do is go to start then control panel the windows security center then click on automatic updates and set it to turn on automatic updates. This is the first thing I do when I install windows.

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    kaustin Guest

    Default Re: This Quick Tempoary fix worked for me

    To do a system restore in XP Home edition
    go to start - programs - accessories - system tools - system restore. You'll then be prompted to choose a date you want to restore your system to. Be sure to
    select a date Prior to when the malicious update was downloaded!
    Once the system has been restored, go to the
    control panel
    and open the windows security center. DISABLE THE AUTOMATIC UPDATES! If
    it works as well for you as it did for me you'll be back on the internet
    in no time.
    The only problem is you can't recieve any
    security updates to windows. That's why I said it's only a temp[orary fix.
    It solved my access problem, at least until someone comes up with a more
    permanant fix to this

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