I am running Vista SP1 with ZA Free 7.1.254, which is a very new version, and have had nothing but trouble accessing my internal shares on my Server 2008 file server. My primary workstation and file server are both RAID 5 arrays, so they can really can push the Gig link, sustaining 70-80% utilization.

Any file access / copy that *puts significant load* on my GIGABIT link results in a loss of access to that server until some timeout condition occurs. After shutting down ZoneAlarm, the issue mostly goes away, and usually full speed LAN GIG connections but enumeration / access of remote shares seem sluggish.

I have since uninstalled the product, and network performance is back to normal.

Not directly related to this problem, though I have noticed once STEAM or VIRTUAL PC 2007 are running these products seem to artificially cap a Gigabit link to about 11%. Time and time again, i have tested file copies over my internal network, and a a copy that is flying at 70-80% of the gig link throttles down to 11% when loading STEAM or VPC2007.

This is relative to this issue because this artificial cap in place and Zone Alarm is running, the network access issue / timeout does not occur.

I have since rebuilt both my Server 2008 Server AND my Vista SP1 workstation, TWICE. Every driver is up to date, I even tried backing off the network driver 2 revs, testing each time, to rule out a flawed driver.

Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)