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Thread: Why is ZA Not Helping its Customers? First MS now TV

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    lysander Guest

    Default Why is ZA Not Helping its Customers? First MS now TV

    Last official post from ZA was Tuesday 7/9. Meanwhile, it's customers have been dealing with all sorts of problems.
    I can't load MS fix because I can't get True Vector to shut down.
    Where is help from ZA on this major issue?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    grampsone Guest

    Default Re: Why is ZA Not Helping its Customers? First MS now TV

    I am not an expert, a google search led me to another user that could not shut True Vector down.
    This worked for him.

    Good Luck

    1) Restart PC in safe mode.
    2) Disable True Vector Service.
    >> Goto Control Panel-Admin Tools-Service. Locate 'True Vector Internet Monitor' on the list. Right-click 'Properties'. On General tab, down arrow on 'Start Up Type' and select DISABLED.
    3) Restart PC in safe mode again. Recheck service to make sure that True Vector Internet Monitor still shows DISABLED.
    4) Right-click Task Bar and select 'Task Manager'. Check the Processes tab and verify that vsmon.exe is not there. Keep it up for monitoring.
    5) Now run Zone Alarm Pro uninstall program.
    >> Goto Start/Programs/ZoneAlarm/Uninstall ZoneAlarm Security. Uninstall will now begin.
    6) Quickly switch back to Task Manager to monitor Processes tab while uninstall executes.
    If vsmon.exe appears on Task Manager-Processes table, right-click 'End Process Tree'. Uninstall continues to run.
    7) vsmon.exe came up a couple of more times. Right-click 'End Process Tree' each time it appears.
    8) Uninstall program finishes successfully.
    9) Restart PC back in normal mode.


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