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Thread: Network Failure after ZA and MS update

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    mabee Guest

    Default Network Failure after ZA and MS update

    I have two Windows XP computers, networked with Linksys router and USB adapter.After the Microsoft update I lost connectivity on the Host computer, but
    could still access internet on Client computer.
    After downloading the latest
    version of Zone Alarm Security Suite and reloading the MS update, now my
    client computer cannot access internet.
    I get an invalid IP address that
    cannot be repaired.
    I have tried disabling ZA on Host computer, but client
    still will not connect.
    Client computer has Windows firewall on, btw.
    It is
    not an adapter problem on the client, since I can connect to the internet
    using an unprotected wireless network.
    The client computer does not have the
    MS update on it.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Network Failure after ZA and MS update


    First of all, I am very sorry you are having all these issues with your computer.

    The following thread may or may not help you, but at least consider into using it, if you are interested and PLEASE let me know if it works or not.


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    mabee Guest

    Default Re: Network Failure after ZA and MS update

    Unfortunately, it did not work.
    I had also, previously, tried the Winsock Fix.
    Any other suggestions?

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    protectionon Guest

    Default Re: Network Failure after ZA and MS update

    You mention XP Home, so if this is a home network, why not statically assign both the IP address, as well as the default gateway and DNS servers, pointing them to the router. While DHCP is certainly easier, it's not really necessary.
    If the issue is related to the MS DHCP/DNS hotfix update somehow, then statically assigning this network values and rebooting should give you back at least some connectivity- if not all.

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    mabee Guest

    Default Re: Network Failure after ZA and MS update

    Sounds like this could work...I've tried everything else.
    How do I assign static addresses?
    Do I go into the Linksys router settings online? Do I do it on both the Host and Client computers through network connections?
    Where do I get addresses?

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    protectionon Guest

    Default Re: Network Failure after ZA and MS update

    Once you do it a few times, it's really quite easy over. However, to describe how to do it would probably involve geeky terms that would leave you clueless. LOL.
    If you have someone that lives near you that is networking literate, they could show you how to do it easily.
    I'm not saying you are stupid, nor that it's terribly complicated. It's just that without some basic networking knowledge it would be very confusing the first time.
    The most basic thing
    that you should know about first, before going ahead is what is an IP address, really, and how does it usually get assigned?
    All routers come with default setttings, which are usually good enough to just use. So you turn on the router, plug in or connect wirelessly, and the defaults are used. The way the actual IP address number is given out to newly connected computers involves something called DHCP- which Microsoft mucked up a bit with their hotfix.
    A long time ago, you did actually have to statically assign them to each computer, but this gets annoying for geeks- they consider it wasting valuable gaming time. LOL. When you add new home users into the mix, the last thing you want is to have to figure out how to assign internet connections to each computer. Take this info, do some googling and again- find a local friend that has some minor networking knowledge.
    If you still have the manual for your router, it probably also at least shows you the steps for setting static IP addresses. It would not explain how to choose the addresses, and other important pieces of wisdom- at least not usually.
    Sorry to NOT give you step by step instructions- it's best you don't try until you get a bit more knowledge.

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