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Thread: Appologies to the Forum (on the lighter side)

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    grampsone Guest

    Default Appologies to the Forum (on the lighter side)

    Apologies to the Forum - Relative to all the recent problems, I have to confess it must be me (my fault).
    My subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security ran out about 8 months ago.
    After reading all the reviews I selected Kaspersky.
    During the second week they (Kaspersky)
    messed up an update that locked a number of us out.
    Had to uninstall and reinstall the whole package.
    The following 6 months were filled with glitches.
    About a month ago, ironically also after a Microsoft Windows update, I appeared to lose all connections.
    The diagnostic on Explorer said all was fine yet I couldn t get to the web or get email.
    I shut down Kaspersky and still could not get connected. I finally uninstalled Kaspersky and regained connection.
    That was it, even though I had 4 months left on the subscription I tossed it.

    I again read the reviews and selected Zone Alarm Internet Security.
    That was just two weeks ago.

    Do you all want me to leave?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    raideron Guest

    Default Re: Appologies to the Forum (on the lighter side)

    Gramps... You old geezer you
    I'm no guru for sure, just another geezer looking at the world from my desk at home.... So not muchadvise here, just an assumption and we know what that means............
    MIcrosoft and Security programs, both trying to "Help" you, yep there will be continued
    conflicts...But I guess it's needed if your exploring the rough
    world these days.
    But what to do....
    Guess as you have done review and pick one (Security Program) and install on a "Cleaned system"to give it the best chance to do it's job for you.... But then again here comes that next update....Be it Windows or Security...........Should I or should'nt I...... More
    review.... time..... What happen toPrechecked "Service".................... It's a fast world.... Lets get it out,(whatever program) and thebuyer will let us know what problems occur...... You gotta love the install-uninstall-reinstall method..It's the "in" thing these days...
    Keeps the blood going, guess that's good, but it
    I'm running 2 windows and two Secruity programs on different computers... Double the pleasureDouble the fun....

    Leave.......... Why?.... All constructive
    input helps....

    Good Luck

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    stephent Guest

    Default Re: Appologies to the Forum (on the lighter side)

    Well, if you'd said you added ZA Anti-virus & could be more directly tied (literally if it would hurt more -jk!) to the problems I'd vote you off this island for sure!!
    That being said, we just have to keep trying to keep our systems up and running and lend a hand to others as we can.
    Thanks for the laugh though!!

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