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Thread: Downgrade fix works

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    thom Guest

    Default Downgrade fix works

    I finally downgraded to ZAF 4.5.594, the old ZAF workhorse, and had no more problems with KB951748. A lot less bloatware and always worked great. Full stealth on A keeper for now.

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    bloomcounty Guest

    Default Downgrade questions...

    I use 6.5.737 Free -- so I am considering downgrading like you did as well. I'm wondering though, weren't there security issues and compatibility issues that were addressed when going up to 5.x and then 6.x?

    I have XP SP2 and use AVG 7.5 A/V Free and Firefox and IE 6.5 (for Windows updates only) -- would I have any issues with using 4.5.594?

    Did you get it from here?

    (When I installed 6.5.737 on my new laptop and downloaded it from that page, the .exe didn't work -- but luckily I had my old .exe for it on my old computer, which did... So I'm wondering if downloading the .exe for 4.5.594 provides a working .exe...?)

    Of course, I'm hoping that I can just stick with my 6.5.737.

    I have also read that 6.1.x also works fine, so it might just be 6.5 and above.

    Any help is appreciated -- thanks!

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