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Thread: Big problems with Zonealarm

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    seanj Guest

    Default Big problems with Zonealarm

    I cannot start Zonalarm.I cannot un-install it.I can't do anything to it.It keeps popping up with a very brief message that i had to take a screenshot of to read, saying exactly this "Please stand by...Zonalarm is initializing.This window will close once Zonealarm initializes.You may click cancel to shut down Zonealarm."
    I cannot click cancel as the message pops up too fast.I think i did click it fast enough, which didn't do anything.When i tried to Uninstall it, I got a message saying something like, but not exactly, "You must shut down Truevector first as some programs are running that are using it"..I tried shutting down Truevector, and it said that access was denied...And this is an Administrator account, so i have no idea what else to do..I am stuck with this program that doesn't work and with the message popping up constantly is slowing down my computer.I also tried the clean install from your site and that did not work.I am unsure of which version I have of it, because i cannot the program..
    Please help, Sean

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    stephent Guest

    Default Re: Big problems with Zonealarm

    Best bet would be to get Revo Uninstaller to clean out the remnants that it sounds like your system is hiccuping on. Find it here:

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    grampsone Guest

    Default Re: Big problems with Zonealarm

    Stephen - I read the original post "Big Problems with Zone Alarm" a while ago.
    I have had Revo for a short time and found it to be a great help for cleaning up the fragments.
    I just logged on to suggest its use here.
    Was surprised to see someone beat me to it.
    Lets hope it helps.

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    seanj Guest

    Default Re: Big problems with Zonealarm

    Thanks, I have since taken care of this problem myself, I looked through processes, turned off everything that had to do with zonealarm, and it finally let me uninstall it.I have downloaded zonealarm once again, i am going to give it 1 more seems to be working fine now.

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