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Thread: KB951748 and pre-v7s of Zone Alarm

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    webdaddy Guest

    Default KB951748 and pre-v7s of Zone Alarm

    OK, Zonelabs have issued a fix (an update) to versions 7 of Zone Alarm, to deal with the issue caused by KB951748, but what about those of us who've chosen to stay with earlier versions of ZA? Are our versions also prone to the KB problem, or not? Does anyone know, for sure?
    I normally obtain Windows Updates each month, doing it manually. This month, I managed to see the warning about KB951748 just in time and avoided downloading and installing it.
    Currently, I use a 6.1 version of ZA Free and have been planning to update to a v6.5 shortly. As far as I can determine, there'd be little point in me having the v7.
    If I now insist on not moving to v7, will I have to concede that I'll not be able to download/install the KB file from Microsoft
    and therefore run a risk of encountering the DNS spoofing problem at some time?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:6.1
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: KB951748 and pre-v7s of Zone Alarm

    I'm not sure if prior versions of ZoneAlarm products will work with KB951748, but be aware that KB951748 fixes some serious problems with TCP/IP, and therefore Internet access, that could cause your computer to be compromised.

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    mrs_moo Guest

    Default Re: KB951748 and pre-v7s of Zone Alarm

    Hi ,
    Hope i'm understanding your post correctly . I'm
    using ZA 6.5 Free
    and at the time this issue arose ,
    my windows updates were set to "automatic" and so the Microsoft KB
    update installed itself
    . No problems with the download etc
    i've since
    had to set
    ZA to
    the medium setting
    in order for pages to open , something which some users of
    version 7 free are reporting they have no choice in
    anyway as it appears
    the high setting is for paid versions only now
    I have read on some other
    forums that those with ZA versions pre 6.5 have escaped the recent issues but
    appear to
    show that they installed the KB update without problems
    . Who knows , you "may" be better off staying with 6.1 . If you search about a little ,
    you'll come across some other forums with a ZA thread running , these might be of
    help .
    Operating System : Windows XP Home EditionSoftware Version : 6.5Product Name : Zone Alarm Free

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    webdaddy Guest

    Default Re: KB951748 and pre-v7s of Zone Alarm

    Yes, you've understood correctly. It appears, from what you say, that v6.5 is definitely affected by the Microsoft KB update.
    Do bear in mind that, in the version of ZA Free that I currently use (v6.1), you CAN set the slider from Medium to High in the Main tab of the Firewall, but you CAN'T move from Medium to High in the Main tab of Program Control. These settings have similar appearances, so it's worth checking that you've been looking at the correct one. Yup, in Program Control, you can only move to the High setting if you're using the Pro or other paid version.
    I think there were one or two worthwhile improvements in v6.5, over v6.1.
    I'll search around, as you've advised, to see if there's any definite problem with using the KB update with either v6.1 or 6.5.
    I've been told on more than one occasion that, if you're using a Free version, moving to v7 Free from 6.1 or 6.5 isn't that worthwhile, as you either get features you specifically don't need or you get those you don't want, plus the software is four or five times larger than before.

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    mrs_moo Guest

    Default Re: KB951748 and pre-v7s of Zone Alarm

    Have tried a few times to reset the slider to "high"
    over the past few days , yes this is in the Firewall main tab . Although i can set it to high , i then have no access to internet pages . Would be nice to know how concerned anyone with a medium setting should be ..or otherwise . Thanks for the information regarding the new version and good luck in obtaining the info you require .

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