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Thread: Another Windows Update & ZA 6.5 Free

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    mrs_moo Guest

    Default Another Windows Update & ZA 6.5 Free

    Hi ,
    I've had a week or so of concern over the recent issues but
    in the end i
    resigned myself to the fact that i'd have to keep ZA on the medium setting and hope for the best . Every explaination given regarding uninstalling ZA ( in order to re-install )
    has left me in a state of confusion , i read the instructions and just know that i can't deal with the process as i'm
    not experienced enough and i don't want to make things worse . Why the simple "uninstall" option
    in programmes isn't enough i just don't
    , doesn't seem much point in having it there if you then have to use a registry cleaner afterwards .
    Anyway ,
    here i am "kind of merrily" surfing away when i get a prompt to update windows
    . I didn't turn windows updates off but set it to " inform me when a new update is available but don't download automatically "
    . I right clicked to see what the update is and it's SP3 KB936929 . First thing i do is surf around a bit to see if there's any conflict with ZA 6.5 free , which is what i'm using but can't find much . Second thing i do is realise that i'm now in a state of paranoia . Was tempted to just wipe the whole pc clean and start again
    which doesn't fill me with glee
    but this
    whole business
    is getting me down and it's taking away from the pleasure of being on the net . I have two questions if anyone out there can be of help please ?
    The first is .... I have come across these instructions regarding a clean uninstall of ZA , which seem more manageable for someone like me but was wondering if
    someone who's more pc literate could confirm that
    they would work , they are as follows :

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------The easiest way to do a clean uninstall of ZA is as follows:
    1. In ZA, uncheck load ZA at startup.
    2. In start, programs, Zone Labs, right click on the uninstall icon, click properties. Change the Target line by adding a space and /clean at the end, so that it reads
    "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /clean
    (that assumes you installed ZA in its default location). click Apply, OK
    3. Restart your PC
    4. Uninstall ZA from start/programs/Zone Labs, uninstall Zone Alarm icon (not from add/remove).
    5. Click yes on any warning messages (including shutting down true vector).

    Use Windows Explorer and delete the following folders and their contents if they have not been deleted by the uninstall.
    C:\Program files\Zone Labs
    C:\Windows\Internet Logs

    That's it. Reinstall ZA if you want.--------------------------------------------------------------------If this does work then could someone please explain the windows explorer part
    please ? Isn't windows explorer the same as internet explorer ? As you can see i'm not good with this sort of thing so my apologies . Where do i find Windows Explorer ?

    The second question is ..... does anyone have any information regarding possible issues with ZA 6.5 free and SP3 KB936929 ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated .

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Another Windows Update & ZA 6.5 Free

    See/ click here &gt;<hr>and here &gt;<hr>Please post back your entire security software; anti-virus you currently have, all anti-spyware, performance /system/ monitoring software, backups, etc. - it helps us to know what you have - to find potential conflicting software that we may have some knowledge of. { include version #
    of }<hr><hr>Windows Explorer - is like the table of contents of your pc, it will tell you 'what is on your pc.'
    Internet Explorer 6 or 7 - is the way and how your pc connects to the net and how web pages are controlled/ presented to you.<hr>Use Windows Explorer and delete the following folders and their contents if they have not been deleted by the uninstall.
    To use Windows Explorer in
    your case - you can use the &quot;My Computer&quot; desktop icon (picture of a 'pc+monitor'). Click on &gt; see 'Hard Disk drives' &gt; usually &quot; C &quot; drive &gt; you see a display of the various sections of Windows &gt; 'Program Files' &gt; sub-folder - Zone
    , 'Windows' &gt; sub-folder - Internet Logs // and sub-folder -System &gt; sub - ZoneLabs<hr><hr><hr>XP SP3 KB936929 = this is the latest XP SP 3 (XP Service Pack 3) - Huge MS update that will add newest MS security features, upgrades, updates, and other
    software updates. Do you have dial-up or DSL/ Cable/ Fiber O -high speed? You should have XP SP 2 on your pc now? - yes?- &gt; Click here &gt;
    Take more time for background research on this update/ preparation is critical.- &gt; If you have a HP/ Compaq desktop - STOP - do not install - post back.<hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 7-20-08 - Learning To Fly - Pink Floyd

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    mrs_moo Guest

    Default Re: Another Windows Update & ZA 6.5 Free

    Twice now i've tried to respond
    here and it's failed and i've lost my entire post so just testing before i waste yet more time .

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    mrs_moo Guest

    Default Re: Another Windows Update & ZA 6.5 Free

    Hi , my test run made it to the board so here's hoping .
    Many thanks for your reply and for the info it contained . I apologise for not responding sooner but i've been away for a few days . Not sure if the following information is sufficient but if there's anything else you require in order to help then i'll do my best to find it .
    The sevice pack i'm using is : 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600My Processor is

    : x86 Family 15 Model 44 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD~1808 MhzMY AV is

    : **bleep** 4.8 Home Edition ( Free )Firewall

    : Zone Alarm 6.5.722.000Spyware

    : AVG Anti-Spyware free
    ( something which didn't uninstall when i recently uninstalled AVG
    Free AV
    No other monitoring software (
    that i'm aware of ) .As for back ups , i have no idea ( not good i know ) . I do remember my brother talking me through some steps over the phone a couple of years back regarding back ups but i honestly don't know what it was that
    i did .I use Broadband to connect to the internet .
    Thanks once again , your help is much appreciated

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    mrs_moo Guest

    Default Re: Another Windows Update & ZA 6.5 Free

    For some reason my AV name wouldn't show on that last post and it's come up as *bleep* , or at least it has
    on my screen
    . Not sure how to get around that ....lets just say that the first letter is A , the second is V , the third is A , the fourth is S and the last is T . Hope i'm not treading on any toes by doing this .

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