Hello All,

Prior to the KB951748 episode, I was happily using Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to control my office PC from home. I have installed the KB951748 patch as well as the ZA (483) fix on both my Office and Home PCs. While I have no trouble now accessing the internet, my office PC has stopped accepting RDC requests.

Currently, ZA is behaving in a similar way with RDC as it did with the internet prior to the installation of the 483 fix. Setting the internet zone to "high" blocks traffic. Setting it to "medium" allows RDC requests to proceed. Is it possible that the 483 fix overlooked RDC?

(At first I though I had the wrong IP address for my home computer listed in the allowed zones tab on my office PC. As it happened, my home IP address did change. However, even after I entered the correct IP address into ZA, RDC is still not working.)

Any ideas? Thanks,


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:5.x
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)