I cannot update the firewall and virus checker on ZoneAlarm Security Suite v70_483_000_en on windows xp pro with service pack 3 with all updates
and all additional updates in place except for windows media 11 on a laptop. Every time I press on "Update Now" button it tries to connect. The icon in the system tray representing the network connection shows by the light blinking that the information is being sent out but no blinking lights coming in representing data coming.
Finally it tells me that "Anti-virus" "Error: Unable to connect" and "Anti-spyware" "couldn't connect to server (http://ubd.zonelabs.com/zonealarm/online//Catalog.zip')".

Now to explain from the start...

Originally Windows was not updated and was running service pack 1. I installed ZoneAlarm Security Suite v70_483_000_en and set it up. I kept all settings to default. From the start I got the update issue. The laptop
can surf the Internet. I tried the button "check for update" in the tab "overview" then "preferences" to see if that will update and it functioned without issues when pressing it to see for any updates. I then updated windows to the most current update as I mentioned earlier. The issue continued with zonealarm. I cannot update the firewall or the virus checker but again the "check for update" worked. This means that windows update (KB951748) was installed after ZoneAlarm Security Suite v70_483_000_en was installed. Either way I did not experience a lack of Internet connection as the windows update (KB951748) was supposed to cause. This means to me that this issue has nothing to do with it. I am on a broadband home cable from my TV provider. Here is a piece of information that might be useful. Under
"tools", "internet connection", "connection" and then "LAN settings" on Internet explorer 7, there is a check box on "automatically detect settings".
Under the "connection" tab it is set to "never dial a connection" and it is greyed out. I also tried
and removed the check box from "automatically detect settings" to see if it made a difference, no it did not. I still had Internet accessibility but the issue with zonealarm continued.
I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite v70_483_000_en installed on
another computer
on windows 2000 pro service pack
4 with all updates and all optional updates updated and zonealarm has no problems updating on that system. All
settings and scenarios I have been mentioning are the same
on both windows except that
one is installed on
windows 2000 pro and the other windows xp pro. I tried the following recommendation that I found from zonealarm to delete all files and folders in the
"update" folder under "zonealarm" under
"system32" folder in the "windows" folder in safe mode, then rebooted and re-ran the update.
The issue continued. I
did a clean uninstall using zonealarms uninstaller file I downloaded from zonealarm called "ZA_CLEAN.EXE" and re-installed ZoneAlarm Security Suite v70_483_000_en. The issue continues
and I continue to
be able to surf the Internet without issues but cannot update zonealarm.

I don't know
what the problem
can be, so I am seeking help.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite