Please Help
Unable to connect to one particular database. All other databases used for work are accessible. Seems that nationwide the common denominator is ATT-Uverse - supposedly a DNS issue. I contacted ATT and they "forced" the DNS.... should be working fine... however, still cannot access that one particular
database. They told me to contact I.E. - however, when I tried to access the database on Firefox, I still could not access it.
They told me to shut down Zone Alarm totally, as Att-Uverse has its own Firewall. I shut it down to appease them. I do not believe there is a conflict with Att-Uverse and Zone Alarm - although Att says there is.
Now they are telling me to call Tech Support Plus for $69....(not sure if that is per hour or per problem) and that does not guarantee a solution..... I have had ATT Uverse for an entire week and have not encountered this problem at any time
with the database that I use.
Any ideas on what it could be? And what the solution could be?
Help... I cannot work and am losing money for every minute I cannot access the database!

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite