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I have written to Pogo tech support 11 times about this issue and 2 1/2 months and 20 emails later, one of their tech people said ZA was the problem, so here I am to ask. I will spare you the other 19 reasons they gave me, but will mention those emails were shockingly restained and polite on my end (<strike>if you knew me</strike>, and also saw what I had to go through to get a straight answer out of Pogo...

When I sign into my Pogo account, I get to my main page. If I click on anything...hyperlink to a game, any Dancing Whatnot, any informational Doo-Dad... the browser snaps shut (MSIE 6) and I'm back to my desktop. One week it was fine, the next, poof. After much swearing, I was able to mouse-over a game hyperlink without the browser snapping shut and I'd get a little pop-up window, with that round, rotating Java &quot;sun&quot; in it, telling me the game was downloading. Since this was obviously a glitch, I uninstalled Java (clean, and culled the registry) and reinstalled. This didn't help a thing, but eventually the window stopped popping up and I just went back to Popping out to my desktop if I either pulled up the page or clicked. This goes on today yet.

A few times, all of a sudden and for a short time as this all evolved, ZA put up a (fast) alert window right before the Snap/Poof! saying that DrWtsn had found malicious code on the page, and so...snap. I don't have any viruses on the comp but checked extensively anyway since I am a Geek and really like this stuff, and there was nothing.

I told Pogo all this. The Next Tech Whoever then said it was my ad blocking software, in spite of me stating that I had Pogo allowed into the &quot;super trusted zone&quot; and have all cookies allowed and no ads blocked, period, anyway. So, I asked my ISP if it was their firewall and they said no, so...

Then Pogo said to Unistall Java again, or it was Quicktime, or I had cookies blocked. Or to uninstall Java. Anyway, I finally sopke to a Human (2 1/2 months later) who said they update their site monthly and it's just how it goes if ZA didn't end up compatible with it. And that &quot;the bigger programs&quot; like Norton or McAfee would work fine with Pogo and it 'wasn't surprizing&quot; that ZA was giving me issues. And sure, it can happen that it's only with their site; they do a lot of coding and work to make sure viruses/bugs, etc stay off their site so they do have a lot of 'stuff' on it. And ZA not keeping up with that, well, sure.

They suggested I use McAfee or just use Firefox. Which, I can. But then it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that Pogo still snapped shut when I did uninstall ZA and tried. Or, as the last tech person said, if Pogo tries to use ports that ZA sees as &quot;intrusions&quot; then are there ports to 'allow&quot; and doesn't that fix it? Are they being sneaky? It's bad enough I have to fear Microsoft taking over the world, now Pogo is the Evil Empire?
I also have heard a LOT of people having this problem, they were talking about it in the chat rooms for weeks, I was told. I'm sure it's something with their coding/site as they recently have been adding a lot of new games and Dancing Whatnots.

I have www.pogo.com allowed trusted access to the comp, as well as games.pogo.com which someone on these boards suggested.

I await your wisdom so that my curiosity ends and I can stop <strike>ranting at</strike>
writing tech support....
and thank you very


Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:6.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite