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Thread: Using Onkyo's Net-Tune music server

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    hinglemar Guest

    Default Using Onkyo's Net-Tune music server

    I have an Onkyo "network audio receiver" -- an audio receiver with a network port that can play music via a server on my PC. Kind of cool. On the PC side the software is called Net-Tune. It wants Internet access (it seems to store the music database and playlists "out there" with a local copy on my PC. If I unplug my cable modem then it works locally. If I attempt to block Internet access using ZoneAlarm then it hangs. The UI response gets very slow and the server never really starts.

    Can I use ZoneAlarm to hide the Internet from certain applications? Generally blocking application works fine but this [poorly written] application isn't dealing with ZoneAlarm very well. I'd like it to keep away from the Internet. The application consists of 4 exe's, a dll and 5 ocx files.

    I'm currently using Windows XP Pro and ZoneAlarm Pro 7.0.462.000


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Using Onkyo's Net-Tune music server

    Re:"Can I use ZoneAlarm to hide the Internet from certain applications?"
    Normally yes. Windows Media Player or Quick Time are good examples of them always wanting out and are easily prevented from those unwanted trips.

    I think if you can run it well with the cable pulled out, the ZA settings will work.
    It could be that if you respond to alerts by denying, things get slow due to timing where some response isn't happening within their timeout period. Just block'm

    Does this application have any settings in Options, or something similar, where you can tell it to NOT go internet with any play lists, updates, etc?

    What I would do, is permit all the parts of it you see in the Program Control to access the trusted zone and not give it any server rights, i.e. TWO green checks from the left.
    This assumes your trusted zone contains your LAN, router, loopback (, and possibly the Onkyo receiver.

    In ZA-Pro there's the component list. What if you block the DLLs there as well?

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